• Learn Lean Six Sigma w Gene & E3 Operational Excellence Team

    Statewide Series Kicks Off August 11 in Nampa.

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  • TechHelp NPD Team Meets Potential Client from D.C.


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  • Melni Lands Shark

    Congratulations Melni Connectors for Landing Shark Partner, Mark Cuban

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  • Don’t Get Left Behind!

    TechHelp Works to Keep Idaho Manufacturers at the Front of the Pack!

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  • Design, Prototype & Build at NPD Lab @ Boise State

    Boise State Mechanical Engineering Students Work with Engineers, Faculty & an Artist to Bring Ideas to Life. 

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  • Implement Advanced Food & Dairy Processing Standards

    TechHelp’s Jeff Kronenberg Focuses on Safety, Quality & Efficiency to Help Idaho Food & Dairy Processors Grow.


  • Operate With Excellence

    Dave O’Connell (L) leads TechHelp’s E3 Operational Excellence Team in helping Idaho Manufacturers, such as Burley’s Packaging Specialties Inc, produce more efficiently with less energy and environmental impact.

  • Innovate & Grow

    Dr. Jay George and the G&I Team Help Companies Create, Communicate & Commercialize Ideas for New Products, Markets and Models That Drive Profitable Growth.

  • Accelerate Export Growth

    Export Excellence 2015 Begins in September.  Apply Now to Accelerate Sales to the the 6.5B Foreign Customers Who Hold 70% of the World’s Purchasing Power.

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  • TechHelp Services

  • Our People

    • TechHelp Executive Director, Steve Hatten

      Steve Hatten

      TechHelp Executive Director - Boise State COBE
    • Dr. Jay George

      Jay George

      Growth & Innovation Team Leader - Boise State COBE
    • Shelly Gillis

      Shelly Gillis

      Program Advisor - Boise State COBE
    • Business Manager, Robert Buel

      Robert Buel

      HQ Business Operations Manager - Boise State COBE
    • mullane

      Bill Mullane

      Marketing & G&I - Boise State COBE
    • beth 200

      Bethany Martinez

      Business Process Champion - Boise State COBE
    • Jeff Kronenberg

      Jeff Kronenberg

      Food & Dairy Processing Team Leader - U of I, Boise
    • Paula Peterman

      Paula Peterman

      Food & Dairy Processing Team Member - U of I Boise
    • Dave O'Connell

      Dave O’Connell

      E3 Team Leader - Idaho State University College of Business - Pocatello
    • Gregg Lynde

      Gregg Lynde

      E3 Team Member - Boise State COBE
    • Gene Hamacher of TechHelp and the University of Idaho.

      Gene Hamacher

      E3 Team Member - U of I Research Park, Post Falls
    • blaise square 200 - 218

      Blaise Lawless

      New Product Development Specialist - NPD Lab - Boise State COEN
    • chris brown square

      Chris Brown

      Consumer Product Development Engineer - Boise State COEN
    • seth square 200

      Seth Miley

      Consumer Product Development Engineer - Boise State COEN
    • Blake Pachner of New Product Development Lab at Boise State

      Blake Pachner

      New Product Development Lab Manager - Boise State COEN
    • Jim Peterson

      Jim Peterson

      Manufacturing Specialist - Boise State COBE
  • Success Stories

  • What Clients Are Saying About TechHelp

    • obama 300

      Here at Boise State innovation is a culture that you’re building. And your’re also partnering with companies to do two things – you help students graduate with skills that employers are looking for, and you help employees pick up the skills they need to advance on the job…it’s contributing to the economic development of the city and the state as well as being good for the students.

      Barack Obama, President of the United States of America
    • Usful Glassworks

      “I’m not an expert in manufacturing and I don’t have internally paid engineers to help solve manufacturing problems so I needed a resource that would truly listen to what we needed and then work with me on cost-effective solutions that would fit within my budget. Thank goodness TechHelp was there to help us when we needed it.”

      Carlyn Blake, Executive Director of Ūsful Glassworks
    • phil bhs 300

      Jeff and Heather did a great job of helping us meet our goal of becoming one of the few companies in our industry to be SQF 2000 Level II Certified for food-grade ingredient manufacturing, sanitation and distribution.

      Phil Johnson, Chairman & CEO, BHS Specialty Chemicals
    • Rekluse Al 400

      Without TechHelp, Rekluse and the Z-Start Clutch would not exist.

      Al Youngwerth, Owner/Inventor/CEO, Rekluse Motorsports
    • Melni Connector

      “I wonder what Tesla or Edison might have done with a resource like the TechHelp New Product Development Team at Boise State. Without this great resource, the Melni Connector would still be just an idea in my head. They’re knowledgeable and provide a range of unique services at a decent price. It’s been a pleasure working with them! The ONLY source for true innovation in bringing our invention to market is the TechHelp NPD Lab at Boise State.”

      Mark Melni, Inventor of the Melni Connector
    • “We appreciate all that TechHelp has done for us. Dave O’Connell has been a huge help! When we get this compressor system project behind us, we’ll have a conversation about lighting.”

      Nathan McMasters, President, Diversified Metal Products
    • dagano 300

      Export Excellence opened our eyes to what we didn’t know and caused us to build a long-term export plan for Rekluse. The expertise and support we receives is remarkable and the export resources available to us have exploded!

      Joe DeGano, Former Sales & Marketing Manager, Rekluse
    • “Besides the obvious things excellent Lean training can do, what stood out most was that the LECP training class was more like a boot camp. Old habits were stripped away and replaced with new and improved habits learned through the practical hands on training methods incorporated in the class.”

      Mark Cahill
      Co-founder, The Lancair Company (now a division of Cessna Aircraft Corporation)

      Mark Cahill Co-founder, The Lancair Company ( a division of Cessna Aircraft Corporation)
    • “Lean Manufacturing has given Standlee Hay the tools to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace. It really helps you think outside of the box.”

      Dusty Standlee, Chief Operating Officer, Standlee Hay
    • quest 300

      Involving our core leaders and incorporating “hands on” real world lean projects with the classroom training was a great kick starter for us. And converted many non believers.

      Justin Wootan, Director of Operations, Quest Aircraft Company
    • soule 300

      I was most impressed by TechHelp’s flexibility and willingness to work with us to meet our needs. By making use of TechHelp’s ability to rapidly produce and test prototypes, we were able to move quickly from about a 65% level of product satisfaction to about a 95% level.

      Scott Soule, Corporate Engineer, Trus Joist
    • artis 300

      We could have gone into shut down mode during the economic downturn but instead decided to pursue Lean initiatives that had been on the back burner for a while. Working with the TechHelp guys was great. By engaging our entire team, everyone felt a part of the improvement initiative which greatly improved morale.

      Marty Artis, President, FAMCO
    • anson 300

      As a lone inventor, I rely on TechHelp for the tools, knowledge and expertise needed to bring my ideas to life. The TechHelp NPD team at Boise State is fast, friendly, effective and affordable. The diverse team includes mechanical engineers, student engineers, and even an artist who bring lots of energy and original ideas to any project.

      Rick Anson, CEO, NUTRA-LIFE Inc.
    • hanks 300

      The ExporTech Program gave us the time and resources needed to really focus on and succeed at export planning. Instead of just responding to random requests, we were able to analyse the entire world and proactively choose where, why and how we wanted to expand.

      Steve Hanks, Owner & Co-Founder, High Country Fusion Company
    • quest 300

      “The 101 simulation exercise made me a believer. Having over 20 years of production experience, I am the kind of guy that says, show me. And they did. We are now on the path of lean…it’s definitely a journey too!”

      Danny Hiner, Production Manager, Quest Aircraft Company
    • grover 300

      Export Excellence gave me the opportunity to develop working relationships with some of the top Export Professionals in Idaho and to fine tune our process for evaluating and developing export opportunities that will guide future export expansion activities of PCS.

      Robert Grover, President, COO & CTO, PCS Edventures!
    • glenn 300

      Two of my company’s (Titan Spring) managers went to a TechHelp Lean Manufacturing Workshop as skeptics and came back as fans. Gene Hamacher knows Lean and Aerospace Manufacturing having spent over a decade with Boeing as a Manufacturing Engineer. I promise, you will come away with valuable knowledge that you can put to use right away.

      Jim Glenn, President, Titan Spring & Former President of Idaho Aerospace Alliance
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