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  • New Product & Market Development

    New Product & Market Development

    The New Product Development (NPD) Lab, located on the campus of Boise State University, (Click for Parking & Location) is the home of TechHelp’s fee-for-service team that has provided design, engineering and prototyping services since 1999. The NPD Lab works directly with startups, businesses and manufacturers to develop newly manufactured products. Projects in the NPD […]

  • Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence

    TechHelp’s Operational Excellence Team helps Idaho manufacturers improve profitability by producing more efficiently with less energy and environmental impact. Our Operational Excellence area of practice includes the disciplines of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Leadership, Lean Office, Lean Six Sigma, ISO Certification, Training Within Industry (TWI) and Plant Layout & Design.  Our team has experience in all phases […]

  • Food & Dairy Processing

    Food & Dairy Processing

    Governments and large food companies worldwide are requiring food processing companies throughout the supply chain to adhere to global food safety standards. TechHelp offers a full suite of Food & Dairy Processing services and courses designed to help food and dairy processors learn about and adopt modern standards that improve products, processes, and competitiveness.  Food & Dairy Specialist, Jeff Kronenberg of TechHelp […]

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