Beat The September 18 FSMA Regulation Deadline with Our One-Day FSPCA Course in Twin Falls on Sept 13!

Food Safety Specialist and Assistant Professor, Jeff Kronenberg,  of TechHelp and the University of Idaho will host a One-Day FSPCA Blended Course for Human Food on Wednesday, September 13 and an Internal Auditor Workshop for food processors on Thursday, September 14.  Both courses will be at the Hilton Garden Inn in Twin Falls.
The September 18 deadline for meeting the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Regulation is just around the corner for food processing companies with less than 500 employees but more than $1Million in sales.  On that date, such companies must have the following in place at their plant:
  1. Signed written food safety plan that consists of a written hazard analysis, written preventive controls, and documents used to manage Preventive Controls: monitoring log sheets, corrective action logs, and verification records.
  2. All “Process” preventive controls (i.e.CCP’s) must be validated with a scientific based study or reference to technical or scientific research publication.
  3. Employee training: All employees must have “Qualified Individual” training. This is training in basic employee hygiene and food safety practices. Training must be documented in records.  TechHelp also provides on-site and public workshops for QI training.
  4. A trained Preventive Controls Qualified Individual or PCQI.  Our blended “FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food One-Day Course” will provide this training and is recognized by FDA as approved curriculum.
  5. Appropriate records that show the implementation of the Food Safety plan for each product made at the factory.  Records must be in ink or indelible, include time and date of observations, indicate product name and production code, and name/address of the company.
  6. Implementation of new Good Manufacturing Practices, 21 CFR 117.
  7.  Proper holding practices of byproducts that are sent out as animal food.

Other requirements may apply, such as an extensive program with suppliers of ingredients that present a higher risk and that had preventive controls in place at the supplier’s factory (“Supply Chain Controls”).

FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food One-Day Blended Course

The FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food One-Day Blended Course gives participants an opportunity to complete our standard 2.5-Day Course in one day. The Blended Course has two parts.
  • Part 1 consists of 16 online modules that are normally completed within 8-12 hours. The online course is available on the FSPCA Website. The $198 registration fee includes $50 for an AFDO Certificate.
  • Participants must complete Part 1 to participate in our Part 2 One-Day Workshop in Twin Falls. The registration fee for Part 2 is $330/person.
  • Those who complete both segments will receive an official FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) certificate issued by AFDO.  The PCQI certificate from the FSPCA course will provide each participant with a unique registration number and seals from AFDO, IFPTI, and FSPCA.
  • You can learn more about our Part 2 Course, view a full agenda, or register here.
Jeff Kronenberg (far right) of TechHelp & the University of Idaho recently provided chicken and beef processors in South Ossetia, Georgia a three-day Food Safety and HACCP Workshop accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.

Internal Auditor Workshop for Food Processors

On Thursday, September 14, Jeff will host an Internal Auditor Workshop for Food Processors. A comprehensive audit system is essential to a company’s food safety and product quality. It provides confirmation that systems and procedures are operating effectively and identifies areas that require improvement. This workshop will teach participants how to conduct internal audits in their facilities against one of the GFSI Audit Schemes. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to enhance professional career development, meet job requirements,  and build on the ability to monitor a company’s SQF, BRC, Primus GFS and FSSC requirements.

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