Boise’s K-EDGE Products in Le Tour de France & Twilight Criterium

In addition to growing world class cyclists such as Kristin Armstrong, Boise, Idaho produces top-notch cycling products. Boise’s K-EDGE combines a deep knowledge of cycling with advanced design & manufacturing processes to put products in races from Le Tour de France to the Boise Twilight Criterium. As the best cyclists in the world prepared for the final week of the 2017 Tour, K-EDGE kept a close eye on the race and the elite cyclists using the company’s products. K-EDGE brand manager Tim Kelley says that includes some of the top athletes in the Tour De France. “They are sold in over 40 countries around the world and all the top teams in the Tour De France literally called up and asked, can we get the K-EDGE computer mounts,” said Kelley. During the 2017 Tour, K-EDGE has been featured on bikes crossing the finish lines fast. “The other day, the first three riders that finished in the race the top three teams in the race all finished with K-EDGE products on their handlebars,” said Kelley.

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