Butter Bay Chapter IV – From Prototyping to Manufacturing – in the USA

Put a U.S. Made Butter Bay on Your Kitchen Table Today!! 

  • Things take twice as long and end up costing twice what you expect.
  • Moving from prototype to actual production manufacturing is not as easy as one would think.
  • Make sure you are very hands-on through every part of the process to get the outcome you desire.
  • It’s been a ton of fun. Even if we failed I would do it again in a second!
Jerry Scarrow, Inventor/Owner, Butter Bay

In Chapters One and Two of the Butter Bay story, we explored the launch of the Butter Bay and how inventor, Jerry Scarrow, came up with his idea.  In Chapter Three, we followed Jerry’s product design & development journey with the TechHelp New Product Development (NPD) Team at Boise State. In chapter Four, we examine Jerry’s transition from design & prototyping to manufacturing.   This video at thebutterbay.com does a great job of describing Jerry’s manufacturing journey that led to Ohio.

From the beginning, Jerry expressed a desire to build his product in the USA.  He didn’t want to just send his design off to China and wait for container loads of Butter Bay’s to reach our shores.  Sourcing in the US would give Jerry several advantages including:

  • Better control over intellectual property and product quality
  • An ability to make and transmit product changes more quickly
  • A shorter supply chain with better delivery times and more economical order quantities
  • More peace of mind regarding shipping and payment issues

Starting during the design process,  NPD Lab designers look to connect clients with US manufacturers, to influence design for manufacturing and to increase the likelihood of making the product in the U.S. It’s great when you have clients like Jerry, who are passionate about and committed to making it in the USA. Most aren’t as decisive. They need some help weighing the pros and cons related to total costs, lead time, quality, and shipping quantities for overseas manufacturing. After considering all of the factors, many of our NPD clients are surprised when considering all the factors how competitive it is to do their manufacturing in the US.TechHelp Executive Director, Steve Hatten

Today, Jerry can proudly say that Butter Bay is made in the USA and that each French-inspired, gourmet stoneware dish is handcrafted in East Liverpool, Ohio, USA. “We believe in keeping jobs and manufacturing in the USA,” american steinsays Scarrow. “That’s why we partnered with Clyde McClellan of American Mug & Stein in East Liverpool, Ohio, to make each and every Butter Bay.”

Clyde & his crew hand-craft quality stoneware products the old fashioned way. Each Butter Bay is made using the slip-cast method, finished by hand, and kiln fired in a factory that was built in the early 1900’s. East Liverpool, Ohio, is world famous for the area’s rich history of crafting wares that have “Set America’s tables” for decades.

Jerry believes that every product his company purchases should be made in the USA and insists that packaging is printed locally by PSI Packaging Services in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.  Every component of Butter Bay production benefits American workers – from design, to manufacturing, to packaging.

American Mug Stein
East Liverpool was once the heart of artisan ceramic manufacturing and the pottery capital of the world. The town is now crippled by double-digit unemployment and is an indicator of a much different, struggling America. But hope springs eternal. The American Mug & Stein factory is responsible for handcrafting the Indivisible Ceramics Mug and other products for Starbucks. These orders, in addition to a new loan received in part thanks to the Create Jobs for USA program, are helping the factory grow and hire new workers.

See a video about American Mug & Stein Here.