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The New Product Development (NPD) Lab located on the campus of Boise State University is the home of TechHelp’s NPD team that has provided design, engineering and prototyping services since 1999. The NPD Lab works directly with startups, businesses and manufacturers to develop new manufactured products.

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  • Butter Bay Chapter V – Intellectual Property Considerations

    Put a U.S. Made Butter Bay on Your Kitchen Table Today!!  In Chapters One and Two of the Butter Bay story, we explored the launch of the Butter Bay and how inventor, Jerry Scarrow, came up with his idea.  In Chapter Three, we followed Jerry’s product design & development journey with the TechHelp New Product […]

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  • Melni Connectors Takes Second Swim in the Shark Tank – Fri. Aug. 14 @ 8pm MTN

    Mark Melni of Melni Connectors

    We just learned that Melni Connectors of Twin Falls, ID will take a second swim through the Shark Tank when the original episode from April 2015 re-runs on Friday, August 14 at 8pm Mountain on ABC. Learn about the innovative Melni Connector and see how Shark investor, Mark Cuban, couldn’t resist taking a sizable bite […]

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  • Butter Bay – Chapter III: Product Design & Development

    In Chapters One and Two of the Butter Bay story, we explored the launch of the Butter Bay and how inventor, Jerry Scarrow, came up with his idea.  In this week’s episode, we explore how Jerry took his idea for a better butter storage & delivery system through product design & development on his own […]

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  • This American Life Explores Changes in US Auto Industry Through GM/Toyota Joint Venture

    This American Life Explores US Auto Industry Through1984 GM/Toyota NUMMI Joint Venture

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  • About 4 percent of Idaho’s Middle-Market Firms are Exporting

    A recent article in the Idaho Business Review based on a new report from Dun & Bradstreet and American Express stated that about 4 percent of Idaho’s middle-market companies (firms generating between $10 million and $1 billion) are exporting compared to about 5% nationwide. The report said Idaho has 546 middle-market firms, and 21 of them are engaged in […]

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  • Magic Valley Region Receives a Boost With “Manufacturing Community” Designation

    TechHelp Executive Director, Steve Hatten

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today announced 12 new communities that have received designations under the Obama Administration’s Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) initiative which is designed to accelerate the resurgence of manufacturing in communities nationwide by supporting the development of long-term economic development strategies. Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Commerce, Jay […]

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  • Butter Bay – Chapter II: The Idea

    We all use butter; probably on a daily basis. It sits on the table in a dish or crock or in the fridge in a butter dish. The butter on the table is soft but is it safe and does it taste good?  Butter from the fridge seems safe and fresh but it doesn’t spread worth […]

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  • The Butter Bay  – Chapter I – LAUNCH!!

    Enjoy No Muss, No Fuss, Fresh, Spreadable Butter Congratulations to local inventor and “butterprenur”, Jerry Scarrow (R), for commercializing his idea for the Butter Bay – a better butter container. The Butter Bay is a new take on the centuries-old French crock method for storing and serving butter. Butter Bay keeps butter soft and spreadable anytime, without […]

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  • Kingston Fresh Elevates its Game with French Fries in Kuwait

     Slaton Sizzles as Boise State Commencement Speaker On Saturday, May 9 2015 Boise State’s Yara Slaton delivered an inspirational and memorable commencement address. Slaton wowed the crowd with the story of how she turned potential stumbling blocks into the building blocks of success at Boise State and in her personal and professional endeavors.Yara and fellow COBE Grad, Hakeem […]

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  • Congratulations to Melni Connectors for Landing Shark Investor, Mark Cuban

    Mark Melni of Melni Connectors

    Melni Connectors of Twin Falls, Idaho entered the ABC Shark Tank on Friday, April 17 in an attempt to land a shark to help fund development of the company’s unique line of electrical connectors.  After some spirited give and take, investor, Mark Cuban took the bait to the tune of $500,000 for 12% of the company. […]

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