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 Declo, Idaho ­ Cassia County
Project Area: Food Processing



After years of making hearty breakfasts on their Idaho ranch, Tom & Charlotte Armstrong decided in 2000 to share their family flapjack recipe with the world. Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks are made from hard red wheat grown on a dry farm in Southern Idaho. The flapjacks are always TASTY and HEALTHY thanks to fresh, organic ingredients and the company’s “Just in Time Grind” philosophy. Like fine coffee, Cowboy Tom’s flapjack ingredients are ground just before being cooked. The Cowboy Tom product line has grown to include Flapjacks, FLAXJacks, Buck-wheat Jacks, Teff Jacks, Country Maple Syrup and a gift pack that includes the colorful “Legend of Cowboy Tom” story book. The Cowboy Tom Posse packs all ingredients at the University of Idaho Food Technology Center. Charlotte initially sold product through word of mouth, cowboy events, local stores and farmer’s markets. She suspected that an ecommerce enabled website would help her increase visibility, marketing and sales.


TechHelp helped Cowboy Tom’s create an ecommerce Website at that gives the company increased visibility, legitimacy and sales. Potential retailers and customers can now be referred to the website for additional information or to purchase product. The website gives past customers a place where they can order more product, send gifts or refer friends and family. In an effort to develop new product ideas and seek licensing and distribution deals, Charlotte completed TechHelp’s Eureka! Profit 101 Workshop, the Merwyn Business Translation Workshop and the Merwyn Business Simulation.


Ecommerce efforts led to:

  • Creation of that gave the company increased visibility, legitimacy, marketing clout and sales.
  • Increased & retained sales of $4,000.
  • Investment of $1,300 in web development activities.
  • Cost savings of $750.
  • Eureka! Profit 101 and Merwyn activities led to:
  • New ideas for Cowboy Tom products such as muffins and waffles.
  • A clear marketing message that articulates overt benefit, dramatic difference and real reason to believe..
  • Creation of a Merwyn Research Report that forecast product sales of $2,000,000/yr and a royalty rate of $95,000/yr at “low” marketing efforts.
  • A presence on the National Innovation Marketplace that will boost the company’s efforts to attract licensing and distribution deals.
  • Creation of a Merwyn Research Report that will be used to help convince retailers to give the company shelf space.


TechHelp has been a wonderful asset for our business. With each meeting, new and different ideas come to the surface. Their guidance and direction as we pursued these avenues has been invaluable. Charlotte Armstrong, Owner, Cowboy Tom’s