Idaho Food Safety Specialist Hits the Airwaves in the Country of Georgia

Food Safety Specialist Jeff Kronenberg of the University of Idaho and TechHelp is “Making it Safe on the Silk Road” by delivering food safety services in the country of Georgia.  In addition to all of the great work he does in Idaho, Jeff enjoys visiting foreign countries, including Kyrgyzstan and Georgia, to examine their food safety systems and to help them learn about and meet international food safety standards.

Food Safety Specialist, Jeff Kronenberg (at right above) of TechHelp and UI flies the Vandal colors in the Country of Georgia.

Jeff recently jetted off to the country of Georgia to deliver food safety training to chicken and beef processors near Russian-occupied South Ossetia in Georgia.  In June of 2017 participants attended a three-day Food Safety and HACCP Workshop in Kachreti, Georgia that was accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. Jeff’s work was featured in a video posted below that was shown on Georgian television.