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Nutra-Life Creates Healthy Water with NutraCap

Company Profile
Nutra-Life Inc. is an enhanced beverage business that was founded in 2008. Its goal is to provide healthy supplement alternatives by using water hydration as a delivery source.
Based in Boise, the company has launched a new enhanced beverage company that features five all natural supplement products that are delivered through its revolutionary Nutra-Life Inc. cap while drinking water from a bottle. According to Rick and Rebecca Anson, founders of Nutra-Life Inc., the idea of a new delivery system for enhanced water came about when they saw how difficult it was for their children and friends to swallow vitamins. After months of testing, they developed a reusable, bio-degradable three chambered cap that allows water in a bottle to run past supplements and into the mouth.

The proprietary supplements are designed to dissolve slowly as the consumer finishes drinking a sixteen ounce bottle of water. This system of delivery allows rapid hydration and quickly adds the supplement’s benefits to the body.

All of the Nutra-Life Inc. supplements are made from natural ingredients and contain no sugar, caffeine or carbohydrates. The Nutra-Life Inc. supplements come in a triangle form, are coated and have a mixed-berry flavor. One to three of the tablets may be used by a consumer depending on the strength desired. By coating the tablets, there is also a longer shelf life and consistent potency.<br>The Nutra-Life Inc. products which include an energy booster, a sleep aid, an appetite suppressant, an immunity booster and a sexual enhancer for both men and women will be initially sold over the company’s web site at

An added “ Green” benefit to using the Nutra-Life products is that water bottles can be reused so fewer water bottles will be trashed daily. The cap is bio-degradable.

After coming up with their idea for delivering supplements through a bottle cap, Rick and Rebecca contacted TechHelp to see if their idea was doable. The TechHelp Team was impressed with the idea and worked with Nutra-Life to address some key and interrelated issues:

  1. Design & create a functional and food-safe cap that would hold the tabs and provide just the right flow to slowly dissolve the tablets.
  2. Design & create nutritious supplement tabs that would taste good and dissolve properly in the cap.
  3. Address any changes made to the tabs that could impact design of the NutraCap delivery system and vice versa.

TechHelp’s ability to quickly design and produce prototype iterations using a variety of materials allowed the team to solve cap/tab issues and rapidly settle on final designs. <br>- TechHelp created initial product conceptualization, sketches and 3D computer models.

  • TechHelp worked with Nutra-Life to develop initial SLA prototypes that acted as proof of design but were not food-safe.
  • TechHelp followed up with a new CAD design and produced food-safe caps on their mini molding machine.
  • TechHelp worked with Nutra-Life to secure a grant from the Idaho Department of Commerce PTAC group that helps fund ongoing design work for additional uses of the product.


  • The Nutra-Life/TechHelp team progressed from initial concept to product launch in one year.
  • Nutra-Life used quality designs and prototypes to test cap/tablet function and to present the product to a major manufacturer.
  • Nutra-Life invested $100,000 in product design and prototypes.<br>- Nutra-Life saved $50,000 in design/development costs by using TechHelp NPD services.
  • Nutra-Life invested $300,000 in plant and equipment needed to produce NutraCaps and NutraTabs.
  • Nutra-Life is using several Idaho businesses to produce NutraCaps:
    • Custom Tooling Services of Boise built the NutraCap molds and is producing the Caps.
    • Dixon Container of Boise produced packaging for caps & supplements.
    • Camille Beckman of Eagle created an assembly line for product packaging.
  • Nutra-Life formally introduced the NutraCap to the public at the September 2009 Albertsons Boise Open Golf Tournament and the St. Lukes Women's Fitness Celebration in Boise where they sold thousands of dollars worth of product.
  • Nutra-Life is forecasting sales of $50,000 during the first quarter of product release.
  • TechHelp continues to work with Nutra-Life to design related products that have great potential for consumer and other applications.

"It was great working with TechHelp's experienced staff at the New Product Development lab at Boise State University. The team has a strong skill set and provided us with a good material base that helped us quickly move through prototype iterations and evolve to our final design.
Rick Anson, CEO, Nutra-Life Inc.

Congratulations to Rick & Rebecca Anson of Nutra-Life for winning the Fall 2009 Spirit of Continuous Innovation Award.

The NutraCap fits on 88% of all bottled water bottles.

The NutraCap has 3 chambers that accomodate any combination of 5 types of supplement. All supplements have the same flavor so mixing and matching is no problem.

A happy customer gets a mid morning energy boost.

Steve Hatten, Blake Young & Dave Adamson of TechHelp NPD at Boise State work on a new Nutra-Life product.

Rebecca Anson answers questions during the product launch at the Boise Women's Fitness Celebration 2009.

It took the full Nutra-Life team to handle the crowd at the product launch at the Boise Women's Fitness Celebration 2009.

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