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Lean Manufacturing Workshop - 5S System, The Visual Workplace

What You Learn

You learn how the 5S System reduces waste in the mounting plate assembly area of a simulated
production facility and through this hands-on experience, how to accelerate product and service flow
and achieve a clean, safe and organized workplace.

New Skills

Participants will be introduced to the five activities of the 5S System (all starting with "S")

  • Sort all items and remove unneeded items
  • Set in Order remaining items, set limits, create temporary location indicators
  • Shine or clean everything and use cleaning  as inspection
  • Standardize these activities by implementing  visual displays and controls
  • Sustain the improvements through self-discipline  training, communication, and total employee


  • Improve quality
  • Achieve work standardization
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reduce machine down time
  • Boost employee morale and the work environment
Create a Safe, Efficient, Productive and Happy Workplace
Do you or your workers waste time searching for tools and materials?
Do you unexpectedly run out of needed supplies?
Are there safety hazards lurking in your workplace?
Are job instructions clear and understandable to all?
The above situations are common to most workplaces and lead to waste, iffeficiency and safety issues. TechHelp's 5S Visual Workplace Workshop will show you time tested methods of addressing all of these issues and more. Visual Workplace will show participants how to create a safe, clean and neat arrangement of the workplace that provides a specific location for everything and eliminates anything not required.
But is 5S only for those who are terminally neat or overly obsessed with minor details? Is it only about "shadow boards" and "a place for everything and everything in its place"? One might think so. But, really, 5S is much more significant than that. Take the simple stop sign, for example. It incorporates many of the principles that make 5S so powerful. Its shape, color and design immediately sends a message of its importance, even to those who are color blind or who don't speak English. It is a visual signal that creates a response that is almost instinctive or intuitive.
A 5S workplace can contain hundreds of such simple visual devices that provide vital information quickly and accurately to the people who need it most - employees. Visual devices are powerful tools for working smarter, not harder, and can dramatically improve quality, safety, on-time delivery, lead-time and employee morale.
5S visual tools can be used to enhance training, work practices, safety, inventory (simple visual reorder signals), production and more.





What Does 5S Really Mean??
The 5 S's come from "Lean Manufacturing" or the "Toyota Production Method" and actually represent Japanese words. They are roughly translated into English below:
  1. Sort - Refers to the practice of sorting through all the tools, materials, etc., in the work area and keeping only essential items. Everything else is stored or discarded. This leads to fewer hazards and less clutter to interfere with productive work.
  2. Set in order -  Focuses on the need for an orderly workplace. Tools, equipment, and materials must be systematically arranged for the easiest and most efficient access. There must be a place for everything, and everything must be in its place.
  3. Shine - Indicates the need to keep the workplace clean as well as neat. Cleaning in Japanese companies is a daily activity. At the end of each shift, the work area is cleaned up and everything is restored to its place.
  4. Standardize - Allows for control and consistency. Basic housekeeping standards apply everywhere in the facility. Everyone knows exactly what his or her responsibilities are. House keeping duties are part of regular work routines.
  5. Sustain - Refers to maintaining standards and keeping the facility in safe and efficient order day after day, year after year. 


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