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Waste Eliminates Profits & Customers
Minimize it
With Lean Manufacturing

EXCESS INVENTORY, PRODUCT DEFECTS, WAITING, WORK IN PROCESS, LEAD TIME, RETURNS, REWORK, ACCIDENTS....These are some of the wastes that can drive up costs and drive away customers!

Lean Manufacturing is about eliminating waste - anything that does not add value to your product/services. Lean companies drive bottom line savings by improving plant operations, quality, efficiency, safety, delivery times, customer service and employee morale and by minimizing mistakes, work in process, inventory and employee turnover.

TechHelp's Principles of Lean Manufacturing Workshop provides a powerful orientation to the discipline of Lean. You will learn and practice Lean techniques through multiple production simulations mixed with classroom presentations.

At left, TechHelp Manufacturing Specialist Steve Hatten resets the clock during "round 3" of a Lean simulation  that drives home classroom learning through hands-on practice.


Lean Idaho Companies Show Impressive Results

  • lead time reduced from weeks to days (attract new & keep current customers with fast delivery)
  • a 50% improvement in floor space utilization (grow without plant expansion )
  • a 70% reduction in travel distance (eliminate wasted time & motion)
  • a 50% reduction in inventory levels (boost cash flow and profits)

TechHelp Lean Workshop Benefits Companies & Employees

  • Companies can begin a Lean transformation with a proven methodology
  • Employees learn to see & eliminate waste they did not notice before
  • Employees gain skills needed to lead Lean projects
  • Companies realize immediate ROI through shop-floor Lean projects that eliminate waste 
  • Employees learn manufacturing skills that lead to increased responsibilities & wages

Idaho companies benefiting from Lean include: Selkirk Metalbestos, Buck Knives, Woodland Furniture, Litehouse Foods, Great American Appetizers, Woodgrain Millwork, Quest Aircraft, FAMCO and Idaho Wrecker Sales.

What your competitors DON'T want you to know!!
"During our Lean transformation we made a change to inventory management that saves us $80K per year and makes inventory management easier, safer and more efficient". 
Plant Manager of an Idaho Company

Workshop Topics Include

  • Batch Manufacturing vs. Lean Manufacturing - illustrates how Lean production allows you to reduce inventory and Work In Process (WIP), improve delivery time and produce to customer demand.
  • Standardized Work - improves quality and efficiency by creating standardized processes used by all production workers.
  • Visual Controls - improve quality, safety, and production by building intuitive visual cues into plant and production processes.
  • Plant Layout - can have a tremendous impact on efficiency and productivity.
  • Setup Reduction - helps you quickly change over production processes so you can produce to customer demand.
  • Batch Size Reduction - helps you make only what is needed when it is needed in order to improve delivery time, reduce inventory and quickly meet customer demand.
  • Point of Use Storage  - creates efficiency by putting tools and inventory exactly where needed.
  • Quality at the Source - builds quality in to every step of the production process so bad product is never passed through.
  • Pull Systems - reduce inventory and WIP by pulling inventory through the factory at the pace of customer demand.  

Who Should Attend

  • Business owners & top executives
  • Production planners & supervisors
  • Office personell who interface with production
  • Product cell teams and leaders
  • Line supervisors and managers
  • Process improvement teams and leaders
  • New hires and employees needing a Lean refresher
  • Suppliers and business associates

Fee & Bennies

  • Fee is $225/person or $200 for multiple attendees from the same organization. (type in "group" at checkout)
  • Fee covers class, workbooks, TechHelp/U of I Certificate of Completion and The Simply Lean Pocket Guide.
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided. 

Registration & Information

  • When - Wednesday, June 30, 8am - 5pm
  • Where - The WaterCooler - 1401 W. Idaho, Boise
  • What - 8 hours of class includes 4 Lean simulation activities
  • How Much - $225/each or $200 for 2 or more same organization
  • Register - Online @
  • Contact - Shelly @ 208-777-7952 or


We'd like to thank Western States Insurance and Boise's WaterCooler for helping to make this workshop possible!!

Western is here to help you make better, smarter insurance decisions. We work with you personally to learn about your financial picture, your business and your insurance concerns. We keep you involved in vital insurance decisions and informed about new opportunities that may be right for you. We earn your trust by always being there for you. This ensures that you get the right protection at the right price. At Western States Insurance, we're not just in the insurance business. We're in the relationship business.

The WaterCooler is the world's only business development center dedicated to the creative economy. Our mission is to create a building and community to house a business development center for synergistic, emerging businesses and interests in Boise’s creative economy.

About TechHelp

From offices in Boise, Pocatello and Post Falls, experienced TechHelp specialists provide technical and professional assistance to Idaho manufacturers, processors and inventors to strengthen their global competitiveness through continuous product and process innovation. TechHelp is a partnership of Idaho's three state universities and an affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership. It is also Idaho's Economic Development Administration University Center, targeting economically distressed areas of Idaho.


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