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Workforce Development Training Fund

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Your business may be eligible to receive Idaho Workforce Development Training Funds (WDTF) to provide new full-time employees with needed skills or upgrade the skills of current full-time workers at risk of permanent lay off. Up to $2,000 is available for each new job created or up to $3,000 can be authorized per new job created in rural counties.

TechHelp regularly works with WDTF managers at the Idaho Department of Labor (IDOL) and can help you determine if you qualify for funding. We can also help you apply for WDTF and manage funded training activities.

What Is the WDTF?

  • An Idaho company can receive up to $2,000 (Metro area) or  $3,000 (Rural area) per employee for training.
    (Metro areas include Boise, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Lewiston and Coeur d'Alene)
  • WDTF provides funding to companies to help them train employees so that the companies can take full advantage of specific economic opportunities and expansion initiatives in the marketplace
  • WDTF allows for skills upgrade training of current workers who are at risk of being permanently laid off
  • Companies receiving grant funds must provide a 25% in kind match. (salaries, facilities, equipment, consumable supplies, travel)

What DoesTechHelp Offer?

Role of TechHelp WDTF Coordinator

  • Work with DOL to keep informed about the WDTF program (eligibility, requirements, changes)
  • Obtain information/answer questions about the program and/or the client's grant.
  • Work with TechHelp Specialists to collect information required to complete the WDTF application.
  • Work with the client directly or through the TechHelp Specialist to manage the client needs.
  • Compile client information into the proper format as required by DOL and work with the client submit information to DOL.
  • Inform DOL of If any changes including contract revisions or extensions, changes to training plan...
  • If client contracts with TechHelp for grant management and reporting, TechHelp will gather the necessary information, complete the report forms and submit information to DOL.

  • Assist in preparing 9-part WDTF application 
  • Assist in determining training needs
  • Supply training or find training vendors
  • Negotiate cost of training with vendors
  • Work with IDOL until contract is signed
  • Serve as contracted training manager to ensure training is done right
  • File quarterly reports with IDOL
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the training

Who Can Get Workforce Funds?

  • Companies adding 5 or more new positions to their organization, (1 for rural areas)
  • Positions must be full time, permanent jobs when training is complete
  • Positions must start at $12/hour and include company sponsored medical benefits
  • Company must sell a majority of its products out of state
  • Job openings must be listed with the Department of Labor Job Matching System

Other Criteria

  • Economic impact on the business community
  • Need for training support
  • Quality of the training plan
  • Budget considerations

What’s The Catch?

  • Must create new jobs
  • Training must be “job skill training”
  • Must report project/economic impact

Reporting & Evaluation

Reports submitted to the Dept of Labor include the following:

  • Training Report (Parts I & II ): total paid by employer (YTD invoicing), total paid by DOL (YTD reimbursement), current reimbursement request, YTD Match, remaining balance on contract
  • Match Report: employees trained, training date, hourly wage, number of training hours, cost per trainee (wages x hours)
  • Hiring Report: list of trainees names and SS numbers, hire date, position titles, wages prior to and after training, number of positions created, total number of positions filled
  • Reports must be completed quarterly, at minimum.
  • Final report should be submitted within 30 days of training completion and should include a description of the overall impact on the business and the impact of training on the worker’s skills.

Next Steps?

  1. Contact TechHelp to arrange meeting
  2. Determine company eligibility
  3. Discuss application process
  4. Apply, receive money and train people


TechHelp at 208-426-3767 or or visit our Staff Page to locate the TechHelp Specialist nearest you.

Application Review Process

The Idaho Department of Labor and Department of Commerce, in consultation with the State Division of Vocational Education, will review and approve the proposals based on the funding criteria. An employer may be asked to submit additional clarifying information and materials. The review process will commence within two weeks of the receipt of the proposal. Timing of some projects may require initial commitment of training funds. The Directors of labor and Commerce have the authority to approve a project contingent upon receipt of a successful application from the company. The Department of Labor will develop a contract with the approved applicant.

Funding Criteria

Applications must meet the company eligibility and project requirements included in these guidelines. Priority for funding will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Impact of the Project

    1. Impact of the project on the local economy
    2. Impact of the project on the tax base
    3. Resulting new economic activity
    4. Probability the project will accomplish the projected benefits.
  2. Need for Training Support

    1. The extent funding is essential to the creation or retention of jobs
    2. Impact of training on competitiveness
    3. Training funds are an incentive to encourage location or expansion in Idaho
    4. Level of employer involvement in the project.
  3. Quality of the Training Plan

    1. Training is designed to improve job skills
    2. Training projects will result in quality jobs
    3. Project readiness
    4. Quality of the training proposal
    5. Impact of training on workers' skills
    6. Identification of qualtifiable outcome measures.
  4. Budget

    1. Project costs are reasonable
    2. The training is cost effective
    3. Training cost per position created/retained is reasonable
    4. Average cost per trainee is under $2,000
    5. The employer provides significant matching resources

Company Eligibility

Idaho industries that sell a majority of their products and services outside of the state or the market area in which they are located have priority because they're bringing new revenue into the state and creating new jobs. Industries such as retail that sell products and services in the local area are primarily recirclating existing revenues. These companies are eligible only if a compelling economic benefit to the state can be shown.

Training Project Requirements

  1. Projects must emphasize job skill training. (Lean, Six Sigma, welding...) Basic skill training and training in quality practices are only allowed in conjunction with job-skill training.
  2. Training must be for full-time employment. Training of temporary or part-time employees will not be supported with these funds.
  3. Trainees successfully completing the training must be hired or retained in permanent employment by the participating business.
  4. If the occupation for which training is being conducted is covered by a collective bargaining agreement, union concurrence is required.
  5. A participating business creating new jobs through use of these funds should list those job openings with the Idaho Department of Labor's job matching system.
  6. Costs for the preparation of an application are the responsibility of the company.
  7. Training contracts are usually 12 months in length, but may be written for up to 24 months if required in the training plan. Contracts may be extended, if necessary, to successfully carry out the project.
  8. Training may be provided by state technical colleges, universities, other public or private training organizations, the employer, or through partnerships among the above entities.

Allowable Training Expenses

  • Training seminars
  • Tuition, fees, books, classroom materials
  • Instructor wages & benefits
  • Trainee or Instructor travel & per diem
  • Reasonable equipment lease & rental
    Facility rental
  • Curriculum development costs
  • Minor training equipment
  • Pre/post training assessment costs.

Contact List

For information regarding the WDTF program, contact any of the people listed below at EITC, the Idaho Department of Commerce, the Idaho Department of Labor, or the Idaho State Division of Vocational Education. Potential applicants are encouraged to seek information and technical assistance on allowable activities prior to submitting a proposal.

  • Ken Erickson, Workforce/Community Education Manager
    Eastern Idaho Technical College
    1600 S. 25th E.
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404-5788
    (208) 524-3000 ext. 3381
  • Leandra Burns
    Idaho Department of Labor
    317 Main St.
    Boise, ID 83735
    (208) 334-3570 ext. 3327
  • Burton Waite
    Idaho State Division of Vocational Education
    P.O. Box 83720
    Boise, ID 83720-0095
    (208) 334-3216


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