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Lean Accounting

TechHelp Manufacturing Specialist and Lean Accounting, David O'Connell.

Companies making the transition from traditional manufacturing to Lean soon find that their conventional accounting, control, and measurement systems become a road-block.

TechHelp's Lean Accounting Workshop provides an introduction to the methods of Lean Accounting that are designed to actively support the Lean transformation:

  • Help grow your business by providing better information for decision-making
  • Provides Lean-focus measurements and reporting that motivate Lean change
  • Shows the true financial impact of Lean improvement leading to growth and profitability,
  • Provides information that is clear and understandable to everyone containing no obscure financial language
  • Is, itself Lean, Simple, and Low Waste.

If you would like to learn more about Lean Accounting, please contact David O'Connell at Phone: 208-282-3928, Cell Phone: 208-589-5567 or email at .

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Why Lean Accounting is Important
  • Why do Finance & Operations People think Differently
  • Lean Performance Measurements; cells, value streams & strategic measurement
  • Value Stream Costing: replacing standard costs with more accurate and simpler information
  • Explain why new methods of accounting control & measurement are required as the company introduces Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking
  • Present Lean methods for performance measurements and cost accounting
  • Lean decision-making: without standard costs
  • Features and Characteristics Costs
  • Managing product costing without standard costs
  • Elimination of wasteful transactions
  • Financial Benefits of Lean Improvement
  • Planning & Budgeting the Lean Value Stream
  • Target Costing: driving the business from customer value
  • Further Lean Accounting methods aimed at reducing waste/cost
  • Implementing Lean Accounting: the Maturity Path
  • Lean Accounting Assessment
  • Turn theory into practice
  • Develop a detailed and practical implementation action plant for the short term and the longer term



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