Inventor Spotlight – Part One – Introducing Doug Gaus of Innovation in Mind and the Poof Fling Flyer by Alex Brands

Poof Fling Flyer by Alex Brands Story
Part One  Introducing Inventor, Doug Gaus
Part Two – Q&A on Invention with Doug Gaus
Part Three – Intellectual Property, Selling Your Idea & Licensing
July 2016 Update – Sales Soar at Walmart & Amazon

Everything we see, touch and experience in our daily lives was invented by someone. Just take a look around at your desk, chair, computer, keyboard, smart phone, glasses, window, picture frame….Everything we use in our daily lives began as an idea in someone’s mind.  Many of us have ideas but few of us act on them and take the steps needed to turn them into marketable products. 

New Product Consultant, Doug Gaus, of Innovation in Mind and inventor of the Poof Fling Flyer by Alex Brands.

One person who does turn ideas into products is Idaho inventor and new product consultant, Doug Gaus of Innovation in Mind. Doug saw one of his ideas take flight recently when the POOF Fling Flyer by Alex Brands was unveiled at ToyFair 2016 that took place February 13- 16 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. The POOF Fling Flyer lets you launch a foam missile from the palm of your hand! You just grip the handle of the launcher, load the foam rocket onto it, fling and release. The patented projectile can fly a long way and makes a whistling sound if it’s traveling fast enough. 

Doug came up with the idea for the POOF Fling Flyer with the legendary, Caleb Chung, whose list of inventions include the fabulous Furby and the robot dinosaur, Pleo, an animatronic life form. TechHelp has been fortunate to work with both Doug and Caleb at the New Product Development Lab at Boise State

Join us during the next several weeks as we enter the world of invention with Doug. We will learn what it takes to become an inventor. We’ll see how inventors come up with marketable ideas. And we’ll explore the creative process and the challenges, risks and hurdles that inventors grapple with on their way to market.

The Poof Fling Flyer by Alex Brands.

The Poof Fling Flyer by Alex Brands.