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Boise, Idaho ­ Ada County
Project Area: New Product Development


brent-shores-on-lake-champlainBrent Shores is a successful tournament fisherman and star of the “Get the Net” fishing show. He’s also an idea man who is always looking for better ways to solve problems and get things done. That side of Brent led him to envision and create the AccuCull, a new paradigm in fishing tournament culling systems. Accu­Cull is a fish culling system that helps tournament anglers manage their livewells and cull their fish faster and more accurately than any tournament culling system currently available. Brent Shores and co­ owner, George Edes, brought a combined 16 years of tournament fishing experience to the development of Accu­Cull. The device increases the speed and efficiency of culling fish by allowing anglers to use any scale, culling clips and weight system they prefer. Accu­Cull can also be mounted inside a boats’ livewell lid so anglers can manage their fish at a glance. Brent had the idea for the Accu­Cull but needed assistance with product design, prototyping and with getting the product made. A local mold maker referred Brent to TechHelp where he found the help he needed to take his idea to reality.


  • TechHelp improved initial design through simple 3D computer models.
  • The design was further refined using SLA prototypes.
  • Once design was perfected, TechHelp produced engineering drawings for production.
  • TechHelp helped Brent line up production resources in the U.S.
  • Accu­Cull is made in the U.S. of 100% ABS plastic.

Because the Accu­Cull was introduced in the midst of the recession, initial sales were slow. Sales are picking up as the economy improves and more stores are willing to carry the product in inventory.

Lucky2Creations reported the following initial impact:

  • Increased sales by $100K. (Sales are picking up as the economy improves)
  • Sales of Accu­Cull has helped improve sales of other products.
  • Creation of Accu­Cull led to the creation of 2 new jobs.
  • Saved $25K in development & production costs.
  • Made productive investment of $70K.
  • Avoided unnecessary investment of $40K.
  • Three new products related to the Accu­Cull are in development.
  • Fishermen now have a simple, fast and effective way to cull fish that will soon be part of a Lucky2 end to end fish culling system.