Magic Valley ProduceMagic Valley Produce PDF
 Paul, Idaho ­ Minidoka County
Project Area: New Product Development

Magic Valley Produce is a fresh pack potato operation located in Paul, Idaho. The company processes, packages and retails bags of potatoes under company and co-pack labels. It has 53 employees. The company had acquired a new customer with stringent food safety requirements, including the need for its suppliers to pass third party food safety and sanitation audits. In order to meet this requirement, Magic Valley Produce called in TechHelp’s food processing specialist to help prepare its packing facility for upcoming inspections.

TechHelp conducted an on­site evaluation of food safety programs at the potato packing facility. This evaluation included a shop floor review of food safety programs and a review of written food safety programs required by the customer. TechHelp’s food processing specialist then recommended corrective actions for compliance with food safety standards and assisted the company in implementing these recommendations. Other steps included developing the written programs that were required by the third party sanitation auditing company, including a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan.


  • A passing score on the third party sanitation audit.
  • Retention of sales to a key customer.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Doors opened up for new customers who have similar inspection requirements.


Jeff Kronenberg did a great job preparing us for the AIB inspection. With his help and expertise we were able to pass the inspection with an excellent rating, which has enabled us to increase our business and retain key clients. We couldn’t have done it without Jeff and TechHelp!Dean Gibson, Plant Controller, Magic Valley Produce