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When The Payette Brewing Company participated in the Operational Excellence Program, it was operating a 15-barrel brewing system in a Garden City plant that generated four year-round beers. The company was in the process of  creating more choices of canned beer available in bars, restaurants and retail locations throughout Idaho and the Northwest.  Since completing Operational Excellence Program, Payette has opened a state of the art brewery


As a new and growing brewery, there were plenty of issues facing the Payette team. Finding the time, expertise and manpower needed to address production issues was a challenge. Management knew that despite the many strengths of his team, working with an outside group of subject matter experts could reveal overlooked issues and opportunities for improvement.

Gregg Lynde at Payette Brewing Company

Ben Jarvis (L) of EDA and Gregg Lynde (C) of TechHelp and Boise State meet with Mike Francis at Payette Brewing Company’s Garden City location.



TechHelp, its university partners and Idaho’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) created the E3 Excellence Program that was designed to help Idaho manufacturers produce more Efficiently with less Energy and Environmental impact. During the three-month program, Payette and two other local brewing companies were each assigned an experienced E3 Coach and university Intern to help develop an E3 Action Plan. The Payette team received a basic grounding in the Principles of Lean Manufacturing and E3.Payette worked with an E3 coach & intern to create and implement an E3 improvement plan. Payette learned a continuous improvement methodology for identifying and implementing process and operational improvements on an ongoing basis. Payette was introduced to a network of peers and subject matter experts it could call on to address a variety of production issues.

The E3 Excellence program introduced us to a great network of local experts and gave us a repeatable process for making operational improvements. BREWING UP SUCCESS WITH E3 EXCELLENCEMike Francis, Owner, Payette Brewing Co.