• Diversified Metal Products Idaho Falls Operational Excellence

    Diversified Metal Products
    Location: Idaho Falls,  Bingham County
    Meet Nathan McMasters, President of Diversified Metal Products
    Nathan Describing Lean & E3 Project Impact at DMP
    Project Area: Lean Manufacturing and E3

    Since 1988, Diversified Metal Products (DMP) has been providing quality mechanical contracting and
    fabrication services focusing on the nuclear industry. Diversified has specialized capabilities in alloy
    component engineering, fabrication, integration and installation. DMP started its Lean transformation
    during the summer of 2007 with a basic Lean overview for leadership. A successful 5S project in Shop 2
    created a desire to expand 5S practices to shops 1 and 3. DMP was also interested in improving its
    Embed process by focusing on manufacturing information and paperwork flow. DMP wanted to improve
    processes and efficiency in material handling, storage, and in the flow of the yard. Management adopted
    an Enterprise-­wide approach to a Lean transformation to include leadership training, Lean champion
    training, and kaizen implementation. DMP also agreed to participate in an E3 Pilot focused on the
    company’s air systems.

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