• Woodgrain Millwork, Fruitland, Lean Manufacturing

    Company Profile 

    Woodgrain Millwork began as a family owned company when Merrill “Bud” Dame started a small molding company in Cedar City, Utah in 1954. Today, Woodgrain is still family owned and is led from corporate offices in Fruitland, Idaho by President and CEO, Reed Dame, and Executive VP, Kelly Dame. Members of the third generation are also involved in the company in various positions.  Woodgrain is a diversified wood products company focused on producing high quality doors, windows, and moldings. The company has approximately 5000 employed in 19 plants located in the United States and South America. With over 50 years in the Millwork Business, Woodgrain continues to build on its tradition of excellence as a market leader and has grown to become one the largest Millwork Companies in the world. Woodgrain’s vertical integration strategy allows it to bring high quality products to market competitively. With aggressive growth, competent management, foresight and a passion for perfection, Woodgrain continues to be an industry leader.

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