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Location: Idaho Falls, Bonneville County
Project Area: ISO Certification


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Printcraft Press is a printing, warehousing and fulfillment center that delivers end-to-end solutions for printing, direct mail, labeling & packaging, warehousing & fulfillment, CD/DVD duplication & assembly. Printcraft prides itself on being a single-point integrated resource with the in-house expertise and capabilities to meet 100% of a company’s marketing supply chain needs — on time, on budget, and on target. Simply put — if it involves ink-on-paper, Printcraft delivers. Print customers are often faced with trade-offs between price, quality and delivery. Printcraft wants customers to have it all by delivering on time, on budget and on target.Printing and mailing are just part of the company’s totally integrated range of services designed to help companies market, package, sell, and deliver products and services. Printcraft can be an integral part of a company’s Marketing Supply Chain. Printcraft aims to  be a reliable strategic partner and single-point resource for printing, mailing, fulfillment, and packaging.

TechHelp’s Role

Printcraft manages the constant change in the print & fulfillment industry by making productive investments in systems that speed workflow and improve accuracy and quality. Print customers sometimes face a difficult choice between price, quality and delivery. Printcraft differentiates itself by providing all three while delivering product on time, on budget, and on target.

Printcraft began to develop a profitable niche by producing, kitting and shipping materials for the customers in the medical industry. Working under FDA scrutiny, these companies are keen on the quality aspects of ISO9001:2008. To keep its current customers and grow this niche, Printcraft had made several unsuccessful attempts over a period of 7 years to earn its ISO Certification. The company eventually approached Dave O’Connell of TechHelp and Idaho State University for help.

Recommended Solutions

Dave met with Printcraft to assess the company’s needs. Because there was a good chance Printcraft would lose its two biggest customers (and have to lay off employees) if it did not achieve ISO certification, Dave determined that the company might be eligible for Idaho Workforce Development Training Funds (WDTF) to assist with ISO training & certification. Dave helped Printcraft complete the necessary paperwork that resulted in Printcraft winning a WDTF grant to fund its ISO certification efforts.

Dave then lined Impact Performance Solutions (IPS), a company expert in ISO Certification, to perform an onsite gap analysis. The gap analysis resulted in a proposal that included:

  • Training to introduce Printcraft participants to ISO requirements and create the environment conducive to understanding, developing, and implementing a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  • Introduction of ISO concepts using a“Learn / Do” approach that blends classroom concept training with hands-on practical training.
  • Additional instruction combining typical Quality Management System implementation with Lean Manufacturing concepts to produce a method for implementing the QMS in the most effective manner possible.
  • Development of a Quality Manual with a Quality Policy and Objectives.
  • Development of an Internal Auditing System and Methods for Corrective / Preventive / Problem Solving.
  • Process Mapping.
  • Document and Record Control.
  • Management Review, Required Procedures and Control of Monitoring and Measuring.

Impact & Other Results

Printcraft General Manager, Jeanie Reimer, believed that without ISO Certification, the company could have lost its two biggest customers and, potentially, the entire company. By achieving its ISO 9001:2008 Certification, Printraft honed the process of package assembly, kitting, and fulfillment to an art form. This allows Printcraft to respond to any requirement, from streaming web orders to daily batch orders and provide a superior level of efficiency, accountability, and cost containment. Printcraft’s efforts helped achieve the following impact:

  • Printcraft not only passed its ISO Audit but was in the top 1% of comparable companies.
  • ISO certification helped Printcraft generate new and retained Sales of $400,0000.
  • Printcraft retained 40 employees added 15 new employees.
  • Printcraft invested $25,000 in advanced workforce practices.
  • Printcraft learned the terminology and methodology of ISO that helps the company “speak the same language” as its important medical customers.
  • Printcraft went from providing one kit for a medical supply firm to 30 kits with more on the way.
  • Printcraft’s most recent annual ISO audit in December 2014 produced an astonishing ZERO non-conformances.
  • Printcraft’s mastery of ISO impresses sophisticated customers from bigger cities who are suprised to find such and efficient and quality-driven company in small-town Idaho.
We thought we’d never be certified and had tried several different avenues that never came together for us. Dave O’Connell assessed our needs and went to work for us. He helped us find and secure state funding that put us in position to commit to the project and then lined up the resources we needed to prepare for and achieve our ISO Certification.  Dave was extremely helpful throughout the process and made this possible with his expert guidance and recommendations.Jeanie Reimer, General Manager