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Location: Boise, Idaho – Ada County
Project Area: New Product Development & Export


TechHelp’s New Product Development Team at Boise State (including engineering student, Sean Brown) played a key role in helping Al Youngwerth develop his automatic clutch for dirt bikes in 2002. The clutch drew immediate international attention and the company began exporting in 2003. Exports comprised 25% of total company sales in 2010 and  increased up to 30% in 2012. The senior marketing team applied for Idaho’s 2011 Export Excellence Program to help them develop a more proactive approach to assessing and entering global markets. The Rekluse Marketing Team of Joe DeGano and Alison Kelsey persuaded Youngwerth that it would be worth dedicating time from their busy schedules to focus on this aspect of the business.


The Idaho District Export Council (DEC) selected Rekluse as one of six companies for the 2011 Export Program. International Business Student, Leo Raya of the Boise State College of Business & Economics was assigned as the company’s intern. DEC member, Gerd Uitdewilligen, of PakSense volunteered to coach the Rekluse team. Rekluse spent three months working with Leo, Gerd and the DEC to develop an Export Action Plan.  The team presented their Export Plan to a panel of export experts in November of 2011 and won the “Best in Class” award for the 2011 Program.

Joe DaGano, Alison Kelsey and Al Younwerth guide Rekluse to clutch performance.

Joe DaGano, Alison Kelsey and Al Younwerth guide Rekluse to clutch performance.


  • Export Excellence 2011 exposed Rekluse to a treasure trove of people, programs,companies, information and other resources that help the company meet its goals.
  • Rekluse dedicated people and resources to solidify and expand export efforts.
  • Rekluse developed a Strategic Export Action Plan designed to strengthen its EU distribution network and increase EU sales by 25% in 2012.
  • Rekluse Won “Best Export Plan” award for Export Excellence 2011 and was selected bythe State of Idaho asthe 2011 Exporter of the Year.
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration choseRekluse as its 2012 Exporter of the Year.
  • Export Excellence led Rekluse to create an ongoing student internship program.
  • Rekluse created 40 New Jobs Since 2002.
  • Rekluse moved to new modern plant in Boise in early 2012.
  • Rekluse is committed to developing new products and markets through a process ofcontinuous improvement and innovation.
  • Rekluse is committed to inventing, designing, developing and manufacturing products in the U.S.A.
  • Former student engineer, Sean Brown of TechHelp and Boise State, went on to become the R&D Manager at Rekluse.
  • Rekluse won TechHelp’s Fall 2012 Spirit of Continuous Innovation Award.
Export Excellence opened our eyes to what we didn’t know and caused us to build a long-term export plan for Rekluse. The expertise and support we received is remarkable and the export resources available to us have exploded!Joe DeGano, Former Sales & Marketing Manager