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 Midvale, Idaho ­ Washington County
Project Area: New Product Development/Export


Company Profile:
Meyer Industries primary product is called The Rodenator. It is an all­-natural pest control device for burrowing animals that works by injecting  a mix of propane and oxygen into the animal’s tunnel and when ignited instantly kills the pesky creatures. More humane than other traps and cleaner because no chemicals are involved, The Rodenator has produced $2.5 to $3 million in annual sales for the company for the past few years. Customers include farmers, municipalities, airports, schools, water districts, golf courses, and others who face invasive animals that can wreak havoc and can be hard to control. Forty percent of the business was international, and proving to be beneficial to balance out decreases in sales in the current U.S. recession. To ensure ongoing stability for the business through future uncertain economic times, President Ed Meyer decided to expand his exporting to additional foreign markets.

Pulling Together the Details of Exporting In One Class:
When Meyer heard about ExporTech, he thought it would be great to fine­-tune his international business skills and help to market his product overseas. ExporTech is a joint program of the U.S. Commercial Service’s Export Assistance Centers (USEAC) and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which brings together small groups of companies with an interest in entering or expanding sales in international markets to develop customized international business development plans. “In the past I’ve had lots of information thrown at me, but this class helped to pull everything together, write a plan, and develop clear goals,” said Meyer. “The interactive approach and small class size was perfect for lots of one-on-one discussions with the pros that they brought in. They enabled me to fast track my international business plan.”

Measurable and Immeasurable Results:
Soon after the class Meyer established new distributorship in South Africa, Spain, and France. He plans to add two new distributors each year to reach his goal of 75% international business.

“ExporTech asks for just a small investment of time to really see what your potential is. It has been invaluable to me. As an entrepreneur, I’ve never enjoyed the details of planning and paperwork, but this class helped me see a clear vision of our potential and develop a specific plan for getting there. The class is a tremendous value, and I hope more people take advantage of it.”