TechHelp New Product Development Team

From Left – Blaise Lawless and Steve Hatten of TechHelp discuss product development issues with Calvin Allan of Acutus Medical (and NPD Alumni) at the New Product Development Lab at Boise State.

The New Product Development (NPD) Lab, located on the campus of Boise State University, (Click for Parking & Location) is the home of TechHelp’s fee-for-service team that has provided design, engineering and prototyping services since 1999. The NPD Lab works directly with startups, businesses and manufacturers to develop newly manufactured products. Projects in the NPD Lab often include concept development, product design and prototyping, design iteration, engineering analysis, and preparation for manufacturing.

Listen to one of America’s Top Executives describe his visit to the NPD Lab at Boise State

Our team has completed product design projects for a variety of companies including Butter BayMelni Connectors, Rekluse, LiveWell, Coyote Design & Manufacturing, Innovation in MindAccu-Cull, Computrol and more.

Why do businesses work with the NPD Lab?

  • Our Approach – We are a high-touch operation and make a strong effort to communicate effectively with our clients to ensure that their project needs and objectives are well understood and addressed.
  • Academic Setting – We exist in an academic and research oriented environment at Boise State. In the spirit of learning and higher education, we encourage our clients to participate actively in projects and work side by side with us to help bring their ideas to fruition.
  • Our Team – TechHelp employs three full-time professional staff members with complementary backgrounds in production art, engineering, and new business development. They are involved at every level of project work and provide seasoned oversight to a team of Boise State University Mechanical Engineering students, ensuring that we bring a high degree of professionalism to projects.
  • Student Workforce – Our student engineers are typically high performers and self-starters. They approach projects with a level of curiosity and enthusiasm that is infectious.  Our team is adept at facing new challenges and trying out things that we have never done before.
  • Tools – As an indispensable extension of our 3D CAD software capabilities, we own state of the art 3D printing, CNC machining and model making equipment and are experienced users.  Our tools give us the ability to get dirty, make rapid design iterations and approach projects from a perspective that is very hands-on.
  • University Resources – Our Boise State home connects us to a community of experts who include research faculty, university staff, and students. Within the college of engineering and across the campus a wide range of labs, equipment, and facilities are also accessible to facilitate product development.
  • Our Affiliates – When additional capabilities are required to provide the right project output, the NPD Lab relies on qualified third party affiliates such as SGW Designworks and Intermountain 3D .

See below for more Information about services and capabilities of the NPD Lab:

Product Design and Engineering
Product Innovation-Business Model Development
Testing Services
College of Engineering Services (COEN Engineering Services)
Develop New Export & Government Markets