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Regulators, retailers, and industrial customers require food and dairy processors to adhere to stringent rules or global food safety standards that protect consumers. TechHelp offers a full suite of services and courses that help processors learn about, get certified in, and implement modern food safety standards that improve products, processes, and competitiveness.

TechHelp’s Idaho-based Food Processing Team includes university faculty, agricultural extension resources, and internationally recognized contracted partners. Together we bring a broad range of services to the food industry through site visits, needs assessments, on-site project work, on-site training, and public courses.

Why Do Companies Work with TechHelp?

We Are Experienced – With years of practical industry experience,

our Food Safety Practitioners combine advanced degrees and a host of accreditations* with access to university-based resources.

We Are Trusted Advisors Who Listen – We build respectful relationships with our clients and implement solutions that are right for you.

We Drive Self-Sufficiency – Our goal is to help your team become self-sufficient.

We Connect – Our local specialists maintain relationships with public and private resources that can be brought in if needed for expertise or capacity.

We Are Local –  We are your friends and neighbors working to make your company and our communities more successful today and tomorrow.

* Registered with or accredited by the International HACCP Alliance, Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance, and Seafood HACCP Alliance.

Our Process:

  1. Our work begins with a visit to learn about and assess your operations.
  2. We follow up with recommendations for high-value improvements.
  3. We develop a scope of work that includes a timeline, budget, and deliverables customized to your unique needs.
  4. We meet regularly with your leadership team to advance the project and make adjustments as needed.
  5. As your local trusted advisors, we are available for ongoing assistance, coaching, and improvement support.

Our Results Include:

  • Excellent audit scores
  • Increased sales
  • Improved quality and product safety
  • Employee retention
  • Revenue growth
  • Regulatory compliance – FSMA Rules

For Information Contact:

Jennifer Buel at 208-426-3767 or
TechHelp Main Office at 208-426-3767 or

Click here to request a complimentary visit or assessment.   

Our Services & Workshops:

We work with you to identify improvement opportunities and work with your team to implement solutions within your organization.  Our public and private workshops are designed to teach you how to lead improvements that drive positive Return On Investment (ROI).

Food Safety Modernization Act Training, Information & Implementation
Training and Technical Assistance
Food Safety Prerequisite Programs
HACCP Systems
HACCP Training
GFSI & FSMA Food Safety Programs
Audit Preparation