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  • TechHelp Executive Director, Steve Hatten

    Steve Hatten

    TechHelp Executive Director - Boise State COBE

    Steve Hatten is the Executive Director of TechHelp based at Boise State University. Steve served as a Manufacturing Specialist and the New Product Development Manager for TechHelp since 2000.

  • Dave O'Connell

    David O’Connell

    Manufacturing Specialist & OE Team Leader - Idaho State University College of Business - Pocatello

    David O’Connell is TechHelp’s Manufacturing Specialist in Eastern Idaho based at the Idaho State University College of Business.

  • Gregg Lynde

    Gregg Lynde

    Manufacturing Specialist - Boise State COBE

    Gregg Lynde is TechHelp’s Manufacturing Specialist in Southwest Idaho who is based at the Boise State University College of Business and Economics.

  • Gene Hamacher of TechHelp and the University of Idaho.

    Gene Hamacher

    Manufacturing Specialist - U of I Research Park, Post Falls

    Gene Hamacher is a Techhelp Manufacturing Specialist based at the University of Idaho Research Center in Post Falls.

  • Jane Hokanson

    Support Specialist - U of I at Boise State COBE

    Jane brings over 13 years of combined business communications and office operations experience to TechHelp. Her focus has been on business technology, management, and office operations.

  • Blaise Lawless

    New Product Development Specialist - NPD Lab - Boise State COEN

    Blaise Lawless lends an artist’s eye and steady hand to the new product development team at Boise State University. He is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs design and develop unique and meaningful ideas to bring to market.

  • Dan Brown of the TechHelp New Product Development Team at Boise State.

    Dan Brown

    Consumer Product Development Engineer - NPD Lab - Boise State COEN

    Dan is one of the incredibly talented Mechanical Engineering Students who are the backbone of the TechHelp Team at the Boise State NPD. As an ME Intern with Lanternmark Industries, Dan gained experience modeling 3D parts in Solidworks and using the design process and 3D CAD software to produce product prototypes. Dan is a non-traditional student who brings a lot of valuable experience in mechanical related fields to the NPD Lab.

  • Isaac Trussell

    Consumer Product Development Engineer - NPD Lab - Boise State COEN

    Isaac Trussell is one of the highly qualified Mechanical Engineering Students who are the backbone of the TechHelp Team at the Boise State NPD. Isaac joined TechHelp in January of 2017. Isaac loves learning and gaining new experience.  He looks forward to helping inventors who need resources to design and manufacture their product ideas.  Isaac comes to TechHelp from the Albertson’s Library MakerLab at Boise State where he was an Emerging Technology Assistant.

  • Jillian Walin

    Consumer Product Development Engineer - NPD Lab - Boise State COEN

    TechHelp is thrilled to welcome Jillian Walin to our New Product Development Team. Jillian is highly skilled undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Boise State University with experience in Design for injection molding, RF Housing Design, Sheet Metal Design. Product Design, CAD Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing, Laser Cutting, and Quality Functional Development.

  • Dylan Rolleigh

    Consumer Product Development Engineer

    Dylan joined the TechHelp Team at the Boise State New Product Development Lab in May 2018.  Dylan recently worked at Shaw Mountain Technology, a tech startup developing a micropump powered by a magnetic shape memory material. SMT is exploring applications in “lab-on-a-chip” technology and controlled microfluidics for research and lab work. Dylan focused on R&D of the pump and establishing scalable manufacturing processes.

  • Jennifer Buel

    Office Manager - Boise State COBE

    Jennifer enjoys working as a collaborative team member to achieve TechHelp’s mission to make a meaningful impact in innovation and manufacturing in the state of Idaho.

  • Business Manager, Robert Buel

    Robert Buel

    HQ Business Operations Manager - Boise State COBE

    Robert Buel joined TechHelp in November 2012 as the department’s Business Operations Manager. He enjoys assisting clients in reaching goals and objectives related to sales and productivity, profitability and industry penetration

  • Bill Mullane

    Marketing Manager & New Product & Market Development - Boise State COBE

    Bill’s primary goal is to make Idaho manufacturers, processors and inventors aware of TechHelp services and workshops they can use to improve their global competitiveness.

  • Ling Lin

    Graduate Assistant in Marketing - Boise State COBE

    Ling Lin is a uniquely talented MBA student at Boise State University College of Business and Economics. She is an international student from China who joined TechHelp in 2017. Ling has an undergraduate degree in Polymer Materials & Engineering and a Master Degree in Chemistry.

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