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Location: Eden, Idaho ­ Jerome County
Project Area: Lean Manufacturing


Company Profile:

Standlee Hay Company Inc. of Eden, Idaho is a family owned business dedicated to providing quality forage products from the fertile, volcanic soils of Southern Idaho. Standlee has provided fine quality forages for over 25 years and has become a leader in the hay industry by developing, marketing and delivering the highest quality products for the industry


The company owns over 8,000 acres of carefully managed grasses and alfalfa forages to provide their customers with the finest crops. Standlee swaths, bales, and stacks a good portion of its own hay in a 142,000 square foot facility and sells to domestic and international customers. In 2005, Standlee Hay realized that due to incredible growth, the company was in need of better control of several processes. Standlee took action to regain control.


  • Standlee worked with the Idaho Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to identify and install a new cost accounting system to help accurately identify costs.
  • Standlee utilized the services of TechHelp under a U.S. Department of Labor Lean for Food grant to learn about the principles of Lean manufacturing.
  • Standlee used Lean principles to begin identifying and eliminating waste.
  • Standlee trained employees in the basics of Lean manufacturing and took more advanced steps to train and implement the Lean tools of 5S Visual Workplace and Total Productive Maintenance.
  • TechHelp helped to identify a web-­based computerized system to establish and control maintenance activities.


  • While still in its infancy, the new computerized maintenance system has already improved the up-time of Standlee equipment.
  • Standlee implemented the principles of 5S Visual Workplace to create a safer, more organized, more intuitive and more efficient workplace.
  • Employee training and involvement in Lean activities has created a more organized and stable workforce that is becoming increasingly involved in identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • As a result of increased productivity and the use of a Lean “supermarket”, Standlee Hay has seen on-­time deliveries increase to 100%, often with same-­day shipments.
  • Sales have increased 12% as a direct result of the above activities.
  • Scrap has been reduced by 33% overall.
  • Standlee Hay employees realize that they have only just begun their Lean journey, and are looking forward to capturing the benefit of other opportunities as they continue to identify and eliminate waste wherever they see it.
“Lean Manufacturing has given Standlee Hay the tools to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace. It really helps you think outside of the box.”Dusty Standlee, Chief Operating Officer