Dan Brown of the TechHelp New Product Development Team at Boise State.

Dan Brown

Consumer Product Development Engineer - NPD Lab - Boise State COEN

Micron Engineering Building Room 413 at Belmont & Manitou
1020 S Manitou Ave, Boise ID 83725
Phone: 208-426-5635

Dan Brown is a member of the TechHelp New Product Development Team in the Boise State NPD Lab as a Consumer Product Development Engineer. Dan will help Idaho manufacturers and inventors assess, design, prototype and build new products. Dan is in his second year at Boise State studying Mechanical Engineering (ME).

As our senior interns graduate and move into engineering positions throughout the community, promising young engineers at Boise State stand ready to fill their seats,” said Pachner. “As the newest addition to the NPD team. Dan will use his fresh perspective to assist TechHelp clients in designing and prototyping innovative new products. We are excited welcome Dan to the NPD Team. Blake Pachner, NPD Lab Manager

Dan has a Bachelor’s Degree in New Testament Biblical Languages from the Moody Bible Institute. As an ME Intern with Lanternmark Industries, Dan gained experience modeling 3D parts in Solidworks and using the design process and 3D CAD software to produce product prototypes. Dan is a non-traditional student who brings a lot of valuable experience in mechanical related fields to the NPD Lab.

It’s exciting every time we bring new engineering talent to our NPD team. We anticipate that Dan will bring diverse perspectives and experiences to enhance our client’s product designs. Welcome to TechHelp, Dan!TechHelp Executive Director, Steve Hatten


Product Design & Development


B.A. in Biblical Languages, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL

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