Blaise Lawless

New Product Development Specialist - NPD Lab - Boise State COEN



Micron Engineering Building
Room 413
1020 S Manitou Ave, Boise ID 83725
Belmont & Manitou
Phone: 208-426-5635
Cell Phone: 208-863-0570

Blaise Lawless lends an artist’s eye and steady hand to the new product development team at Boise State University. He is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs design and develop unique and meaningful ideas to bring to market.

With a background in fine art and commercial art production, Blaise contributes an intimate knowledge of the processes involved with exploring ideas by way of tangible results.

” Working for TechHelp has afforded me a number of opportunities to work with some of Idaho’s most dynamic individuals and companies. At the New Product Development Lab, we like to think of our clients as indispensable to the design process.”

His passion for art and culture has presented opportunities to work with a broad range of creative thinkers encompassing multiple disciplines including fine art, commercial art, film, theater and photography. His work has also offered him opportunities to travel and live abroad and develop a global perspective on design, creative processes and other cultures.

Since Blaise joined TechHelp in 2007, he has been applying his knowledge and experience to pursue new opportunities for learning in areas of product design, rapid-prototyping, manufacturing processes and project management. He extends his passion for growing and learning equally to the experience he shares with his clients.

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