Dave O'Connell

Dave O’Connell

Manufacturing Specialist & OE Team Leader - Idaho State University College of Business - Pocatello

Idaho State University
921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, ID 83209-8020
Phone: 208-282-3928
Cell Phone: 208-589-5567


David O’Connell is TechHelp’s Manufacturing Specialist in Eastern Idaho at the Idaho State University College of Business in Pocatello.

Dave O’Connell Fun Fact: Dave is a dogged guy! Actually, he is a dog-guy who loves training and showing his stock dogs. During long drives across Eastern Idaho, Dave has been known to pull out his dog whistle and practice his whistle command skills.

Dave was introduced to advanced manufacturing practices early in his career at General Electric. That initial exposure instilled a passion for process and product improvement that still burns in him today. He is eager to put his experience to use helping Idaho companies improve their processes so they can be more competitive.

Dave has worked hard to become TechHelp’s resident Energy expert. Dave led the creation of TechHelp’s E3 Program that added an overt focus on eliminating energy waste to TechHelp’s traditional Lean Manufacturing approach. The US Department of Agriculture recently funded TechHelp’s new RISE3 program that will introduce Idaho companies to resources for saving energy.

In addition to energy, Dave developed an interest in and received advanced training in Training Within Industry (TWI); a WWII vintage approach to worker training that was so good and so effective that it is being revived. TWI is a perfect match in a Lean environment where workers are asked to learn multiple jobs so they can flow to where production is taking place.

Dave’s career included several assignments with GE’s Aircraft Engine division as well as positions with RE/MAX International and Heinz in Pocatello where he was warehouse and production supervisor. At each stop along the way, he was able to save company time and money by introducing efficient practices to the workplace. The opportunity to improve the competitiveness of Idaho manufacturers and processors by sharing his knowledge and experience drew Dave to TechHelp.

Dave received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado. He completed courses in Financial Management and Advanced Financial Management at General Electric and received his Six Sigma Green Belt Certification while at Heinz.


Training Within Industry
Operational Excellence
Materials Management
Lean Enterprise
Personal Business Adviser


Lean Trainer

BS Business, Mesa State College
GE Financial Mgmt. & Advanced Financial Mgmt. Courses

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