TechHelp Design and Engineering Services

TechHelp’s New Product Development Team advances ideas quickly and less expensively using 3D modeling and rapid prototyping.

 Initial Concept Evaluation and Concept Development

Idaho manufacturers, inventors and entrepreneurs usually arrive at the NPD Lab on the fourth floor of the Micron Engineering Building with big ideas and even bigger questions. Can this be made, should it be made, can it be made affordably, is it already patented, can it be patented, how much will it cost to get to market….

The TechHelp team has addressed these types of questions on a daily basis since the lab was created in 1999. Before we






Design Development




Rekluse Clutch Parts in NPD Lab

The Rekluse Z-Start motorcycle clutch took shape in the NPD lab thanks to collaboration between inventor, Al Youngwerth, and the TechHelp NPD Team.


Design Iteration


Engineering Analysis


“Without TechHelp, the Z-Start Clutch and Rekluse would not exist today.” Al Youngwerth, Founder of Rekluse Motor Sports

Manufacturing Cost Projections



Design for Manufacture & Manufacturing Hand-off