TechHelp Welcomes Isaac Trussell to New Product Development Lab

Below, NPD Lab Manager, Blake Pachner (left), of TechHelp and Boise State, gives new NPD Team Member, Isaac Trussell, a tour of TechHelp’s Headquarters at Boise State’s College of Business & Economics.

The TechHelp Team at Boise State’s New Product Development Lab welcomed new Team Member, Isaac Trussell, to the Lab this week.  Isaac is Mechanical Engineering Student who loves learning and gaining new experience. He looks forward to helping inventors who need resources to design and manufacture their product ideas.

The NPD Lab is the perfect place for a person who aspires to be part of the product design and development field as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Isaac will be in a great spot to help inventors who need resources to design and manufacture their product ideas.Blake Pachner - TechHelp Manager of NPD Lab At Boise State

Isaac came to TechHelp from the Albertson’s Library MakerLab at Boise State where he was an Emerging Technology Assistant.  His duties included:

• Training students and faculty on using 3D printers
• Working the front desk of the MakerLab and answering questions about the space
• Assisting faculty with the repair and maintenance of printers
• Helping faculty prepare for technology workshops

I am extremely excited to be a part of the NPD team and to see what brilliant ideas inventors and entrepreneurs bring into the lab. Isaac Trussell - TechHelp Consumer Product Development Engineer

The TechHelp NPD Team follows a “You Guide, We’ll Drive” model of doing business with clients who are invited to guide the product design process.

Isaac will have plenty of opportunities to help entrepreneurs develop product ideas using the Lab’s “You Guide, We’ll Drive” methodology. NPD clients are invited to sit with and guide lab staff during product design and prototyping activities. Pairing the vision and passion of the entrepreneur with the skills, tools, experience and perspective of lab staff is a powerful combination that has resulted in a steady stream of successful product launches.