The Butter Bay  – Chapter I – LAUNCH!!

Enjoy No Muss, No Fuss, Fresh, Spreadable Butter

Butter Bay founder, Jerry Scarrow, demonstrates the Butter Bay system and three of the four available colors.

Congratulations to local inventor and “butterprenur”, Jerry Scarrow (R), for commercializing his idea for the Butter Bay – a better butter container. The Butter Bay is a new take on the centuries-old French crock method for storing and serving butter. Butter Bay keeps butter soft and spreadable anytime, without refrigeration. A cube of butter fits perfectly inside, and Butter Bay’s air-tight water seal maintains butter’s fresh flavor for weeks.

In Chapter One of the Butter Bay story we just want to let you know the Butter Bay website is live and that you can purchase a Butter Bay for only $29.95 with $1.99 shipping (limited time) on two or more. Every Butter Bay is a mini work-of-art handcrafted and fired in East Liverpool, Ohio, by American Mug and Stein.

Visit the Butter Bay Home Page and watch a video that captures some of how TechHelp worked with Jerry to design and develop the Butter Bay and bring it to market.