Job Methods Training (JM) teaches supervisors how to improve the way jobs are accomplished. The aim of the program is to help produce greater quantities of quality products in less time by making the best use of the manpower, machines, and materials now available.

Job Methods, just as in Job Instructions and Job Relations, teaches the “Four Step Method”: a simple, straight forward, and easy to implement process focused on Preparation, Presentation, Application, and Testing. Job Methods teaches supervisors how to break down a specified job exactly as it is currently completed, question every detail, develops a new and improved method, and then apply the new method.

By applying six simple questions — why? what? where? when? who? how? – to every step of the production process, supervisors gain understanding of the core value of each detail. Through eliminating, combining, rearranging, and simplifying these details, an improved method is created. Lastly, participants are given the tools to communicate the value of the new process, acquiring employee commitment of the new method.

Job Methods yields significant benefits including reduced cost through productivity gains, increased throughput, and reduced work in process.

Project Objectives

  • Train supervisors in how to effectively solve problems
  • Increase production and reduce labor time significantly by stripping activities to their core
  • Reduce employee training time and grievances through adoption of a structured method
  • Reduce scrap by at least 25%

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