Supervisors and team leaders are in a pivotal position to both implement and sustain change. However, they’re often promoted from the shop floor in recognition of their knowledge about product, processes, and materials. Many do not have the supervisor skills to effectively instruct employees, gain loyalty and cooperation, and solve problems. Training Within Industry Job Relations (JR) provides a countermeasure to help supervisors address employee morale and problems that arise when implementing a strategy of continuous improvement.

In this course, managers and supervisors learn how to apply standard work to managing employees in order to build positive relationships and a strong team. By communicating how each employee is doing, giving credit when due, telling employees in advance about changes that will affect them and making best use of each person’s ability, your management team can set a positive productive environment for the entire workforce. Developing and maintaining these good relationships prevents problems from arising and is paramount to earn loyalty and cooperation from others.

When problems do arise, Job Relations uses the “Four Step Method”, a proven method of getting the facts, weighing options and deciding, taking action, and checking results. The course emphasizes that people must be treated as individuals to provide a foundation for good relationships. Benefits experienced from practicing Job Relations include increased productivity, improved attendance, better morale, and higher employee retention rates.

As more and more companies embrace Lean techniques, it has become increasingly obvious that company culture remains to be the biggest challenge. TWI Job Relations is the solution.

Project Objectives:

  • Assist in creating a culture for change
  • Teaches supervisors how to build positive employee relations
  • Increase cooperation and motivation
  • Effective conflict resolution


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