From offices in Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello, TechHelp Specialists help Idaho manufacturers, food processors and entrepreneurs improve their competitiveness through continuous product and process innovation.

Brand Integrity

TechHelp’s brand is a powerful marketing asset. The consistent and professional presentation of our brand in all communications helps to ensure that our clients’ perceptions align with our identity, core values, and mission.

Identity and Mission

Our identity and mission are best summarized by the tagline that we have chosen: Idaho Manufacturing Specialists

  • Idaho – TechHelp serves Idaho manufacturers via service centers and specialists throughout the state.
  • Manufacturing – TechHelp exists to benefit and strengthen Idaho manufacturers and their supporting industries.
  • Specialists – Fundamentally, TechHelp is a team of experts. We are highly trained and experienced manufacturing specialists who use our expertise to help manufacturers flourish.

Core Values

  • Knowledgeable – As a team of specialists, we are committed to staying at the top of our game in terms of manufacturing expertise. We make it our business to stay relevant, informed and connected so that we can provide the highest-quality input for Idaho manufacturers.
  • Practical – Although we are experts in manufacturing, we still have our feet on the ground. We have all spent enough time on plant floors that our ideas and advice won’t sound like a textbook, but more like something that can be implemented tomorrow.
  • Respectful – We remember from our years of experience in factories, that every person on the team is important and valuable. We don’t see ourselves as high brow consultants, but just former manufacturers who are now making ourselves available so your operation can become even more successful.

TechHelp Logo

The new TechHelp logo uses strong, uppercase sans serif typography to communicate competence and professionalism with an industrial vibe. The new “shield” mark was created to suggest industry with the hexagonal bolt-head shape, but also reinforce our focus on Idaho manufacturers by featuring the yellow Idaho shape. The shield is also intended to be a design element that can represent the TechHelp brand even when used as an independent element without being part of the complete logo.

Service Area Branding

TechHelp brands our three service area teams in a way that is distinct but still visually tied to the main TechHelp brand. This is primarily done by using the TechHelp shield, fonts, and dark blue primary color. These sub-brands are distinguished from each other by the use of a strong secondary color for each service area. We have also chosen to use a simple icon to better represent the primary area of expertise of each service team.

Logo Usage

The TechHelp logo and Service Area logos are intended to be used consistently with only 2 versions. The dark blue versions are to be used on any light-colored background, preferably white. The logo letters should not be changed to any other color than TechHelp blue. The white and gold versions are to be used on any dark-colored backgrounds (preferably TechHelp blue) The tagline “Idaho Manufacturing Specialists” on the main TechHelp logo is to always be included below the logo unless vertical space is limited to such a degree that the logo would force the tagline to be less than 6 point type. In this case, the tag line may be removed. Please be careful that the logos always maintain their current proportions (see below)


In an effort to keep the TechHelp brand clean, professional, and more timeless, we have chosen to illustrate our team and functions by the use of ghosted images on color backgrounds instead of action photography.  Photography is welcome to be used as well to promote events or activities, but not as primary elements of the TechHelp or Service Area branding. Please view our Branding Elements for the Download page to gain access to the primary imagery for TechHelp branding. Below are a few examples of the general look of flat stylized illustrations that we would like to feature.


In order to simplify the efforts to provide a consistent, professional presentation of TechHelp products and services, we have chosen to create templates that should be used by our team for all external communications or promotional materials.

PPTs – All PowerPoint presentations for workshops and seminars are to be either using the generic TechHelp PPT template or the appropriate Service Area Templates.

Google Docs – All printed announcements or informational documents that are created internally should use the appropriate Google Docs template.

Email Blasts – Email blasts should be created using either the TechHelp Mailchimp or WorkEtc templates. Special care should be taken to ensure that all Email announcements or web page communications be optimized for smartphone and tablet devices.

Branding Elements for Download

Please use the link for our Branding Elements for Download Page in responding to any request for a TechHelp logo by any of our partners or affiliate organizations. Note that we have a separate master brand elements page that was created for use by professional designers or for offset printing. If you need additional graphics or graphic design assistance for special event promotion, please contact Bill Mullane