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Gizmo CdA Summer Camps Begin June 2021

Gizmo Coeur d’Alene recently unveiled an engaging list of summer camps for young people that will kick off in June of 2021. Classes feature everything from coding to woodworking to building a guitar from scratch. You can view the full list of classes and register here.  
Scholarships are available. 

Gizmo CdA has a vision that if we give children opportunities to learn to be compassionate about others, they will become community members and citizens who will create a more caring, just world. This summer, there will be three camps that will offer kids opportunities to spend time in the shops, building projects for themselves, and building projects in our community.

Gizmo-CDA is Coeur d’ Alene’s non-profit makerspace. It is a place where art, design, technology, and tools are connected by the hands and minds of the people of CdA.  It’s a place where creative play is done by everyone from K thru Gray. Tools you have always wanted are there to give birth to the ideas that you have always had!

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