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Idaho Supplier Scouting Program

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In the spring of 2021, TechHelp worked with Boise’s Vessel to improve the Idaho Supplier Scouting Program (ISSP). The ISSP helps Idaho manufacturers respond to the needs of other manufacturers in Idaho and nationwide. The ISSP also helps inventors and manufacturers connect with U.S. suppliers of raw materials and services needed to make and sell their products.

The Happy & Harmless PaperSafe Mask supports infection prevention through source control for patients at high risk of self-harm and/or harming others.

The motivation to improve the ISSP grew during the COVID Pandemic when some Idaho manufacturers needed to reconfigure their supply chains to meet nationwide PPE needs. A local Boise company, Happy & Harmless, invented a protective mask designed to meet the unique needs of mental health institutions. The inventors had a great idea that met a glaring need but had trouble lining up materials and assembly resources to get the mask made. Nic Kawaguchi of Vessel stepped up to coordinate the efforts of TechHelp, the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance, and others and helped H&H find the resources necessary to manufacture the mask. Nic and Vessel scoured Idaho to find local resources that could help H&H get off the ground. Vessel demonstrated such ability and passion for meeting supply chain needs that TechHelp decided to work with Vessel to accelerate our supplier scouting efforts.  We thought this partnership would also help us better find resources for the many inventors and entrepreneurs who develop products with our New Product Development Team at Boise State. 

The Idaho Supplier Scouting Program supports the national Supplier Scouting Program of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) that leverages the knowledge and connections of MEP manufacturing experts in every state.  TechHelp is screening Supplier Scouting requests from MEP to see if any Idaho manufacturers are positioned to fill those needs. TechHelp also scouts supply & services needs for Idaho manufacturers and will route requests to MEP or other resources as needed. 

If you have a supply chain need, let us know by using our contact information at right. Our goal is to find a local supplier, if possible, and then to explore our regional and national contacts to meet your needs. In addition, we will work closely with Vessel and IMA to route incoming supply chain opportunities to Idaho Manufacturers.  

Idaho Supplier Scouting Contact Information

If you need help finding manufacturing materials or support, click the button above to complete a short form or contact us at or call 208.426.3767. 


"We had been searching for reliable, high quality vendors for machined and formed components for the products that we build. Our local MEP Center offered services that included making connections to qualified local vendors to fulfill our needs."