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Idaho's Cocoa Bombs Sweetened Our Day at IMA MFG Trade Show

TechHelp was proud to join the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance at the only manufacturing-focused industry tradeshow in Idaho. The event took place on Thursday, December 2, 2021, from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm MST at the Boise Centre. We enjoyed coming together as an industry to do some business, engage in learning, and gain some new contacts and tools as we head into 2022!

IMA was thrilled to have Mack & Ria Story of Blue-Collar Leadership and Top Story Leadership as keynote and breakout speakers at this event!

TechHelp’s New Product Development, Food Manufacturing, and Operational Excellence teams were well represented at our booth as were our partners from Vessel and studio\Blu.  There were plenty of opportunities to visit with attendees and attend interesting breakout sessions.

Eric Torres Garcia of Cocoa Bombs made our day by bringing samples of his exciting products to our booth.  Eric has worked with TechHelp and our partners in a number of ways as shown in this video produced by Vessel. Eric helped us provide a sweet finish to the day by hosting a drawing for Cocoa Bomb products. 

Former TechHelp NPD employee Dan Brown, now of Custom Fluid Power, gave a great demonstration of the power and simplicity of robots by programming one to drop a Cocoa Bomb into a cup of hot milk. It took Dan 10 minutes to program a robot to complete that task. 


View the pics below or visit our photo/video album to get a feel for the day. 

Trade Show Breakout Sessions

Topics noted with an * are awaiting confirmation and are subject to change.

  • Blue-Collar Leadership: Leading from the Front Lines – Mack Story
  • Leadership Gems for Women: 30 Characteristics of Very Successful Women – Ria Story
  • Change Happens: Leading Yourself and Others Through Change -Mack & Ria Story
  • Manufacturing 4.0: The Trends and Technologies You Should Know – Rich Rogers, CEO, Xmelgo – Last century manufacturers competed based on their ability to deploy & execute Lean Manufacturing best practices. This century manufacturers will compete based on their ability to effectively deploy digital technologies. Get a taste of the digital technologies that will be powering the next Industrial Revolution and learn about existing turn-key apps that you can get started with today.
  • Out of the Box Healthcare Options – John Young, Sr. Vice President Growth, Nice Healthcare and Todd Foushee, Vice President Business Development, PMR Group – This duo will discuss employer based clinical solutions that complement your existing health insurance plan offering and aid in attracting and retaining employees.
  • Getting Traction in Your Business – Brent Oetken, EOS Implementer – Are you feeling stuck? Has your business hit the ceiling? Learn tools from a simple, proven business operating system that can help your entrepreneurial organization clarify, simplify, and achieve its vision.
  • Cybersecurity: Ransomware, Compliance and Mitigating The Risk – This breakout will feature a presentation by Alex Stanton, Partner and Security & Education Advocate at ExBabylon, followed by a facilitated panel of manufacturers and IMA partners. We will discuss current trends, identify how to mitigate your vulnerabilities, and discuss tools to protect your assets from an attack. Whether you are a practitioner or an owner/manager /executive, this session will be valuable!

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