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Catherine Cantley is Accomplished Under 40!

According to the Idaho Business Review, there were about 470,000 Idaho workers eligible for the Accomplished Under 40 (AU40) award in 2022.  From among that huge cohort, Food Processing Specialist Catherine Cantley of TechHelp and the University of Idaho stood out and was recognized as one of Idaho’s AU40 business professionals. 

In addition to working as a  Food Processing Specialist with TechHelp, Catherine is an Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho School of Food Science. She is an experienced Senior Research and Development Manager with demonstrated expertise in food manufacturing, process engineering, product optimization, food safety, and sensory and consumer science.  She has worked in both the retail sector and the foodservice sector with companies such as Pepsico and Simplot. Catherine has the ability to flex to help meet the needs of Idaho companies. 

The Accomplished Under 40 program honors 40 Idaho business and professional leaders who have achieved success before the age of 40. Among her many accomplishments, Catherine recently took the lead in creating TechHelp’s Learning Management System or LMS, which allows clients to take a growing number of manufacturing-related courses online at their own pace, space, and time.

When the Covid Pandemic hit in the middle of a multi-month food safety course Catherine was offering, she and her colleague, Dr. Janna Hamlett, quickly pivoted to complete the course online.  The pair continued hosting online courses throughout the Pandemic allowing food processors to access the training they needed to remain competitive and compliant. 

IBR will profile Catherine in a special supplement with a photo and biography. Catherine and her fellow honorees and previous “AU 40’s” will be feted at a networking and awards event in June of 2022. 

Meet Catherine and her compatriot, Dr. Janna Hamlett in this video. 

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