From offices in Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello, TechHelp Specialists help Idaho manufacturers, food processors and entrepreneurs improve their competitiveness through continuous product and process innovation.

TechHelp’s New Product Development Team at Boise State works with many Idaho inventors who develop cool ideas born of necessity. Idaho is full of creative people who respond to daily challenges with inventive solutions. The M.U.D. BUD™ is one such solution.

The idea for the M.U.D. BUD™ popped into Trevor Hogan’s head last summer while he was fly fishing the Boise River.  He was in a deep section of the river with poor traction when he tried to pull a fly box from his chest rig. The box flew out of his hands and into the river!  

Trevor knew there had to be a better way to access his flies. That’s when he got the idea of attaching a magnetic device to his chest that could make his flies completely accessible. He developed a rough concept before taking his idea to the TechHelp Team, which helped him refine and prototype his concept. With the 1st prototype in hand, Trevor realized how useful the tool could be beyond fishing. You can magnetically attach any metal thing to the device, such as tools, fishing/hunting gear, or anything you need to access fast. The M.U.D. BUD™ can help with endless indoor and outdoor projects and activities. 

With final designs and prototypes in hand, Trevor is now raising product development funds on Kickstarter. You can contribute to Trevors Kickstarter campaign here and reserve your M.U.D. BUD™ today. 

Thank you so much for backing us, sharing our project with your friends and family, or just rooting for us! If you have any questions please reach out to us at  
Trevor Hogan

Use the M.U.D. BUD™ for various activities, including hunting/fishing, home & car repair projects, crafting, storage, and more.