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Breeding Oceania Safari Rifle
The Oceania unveiled at MFG Day 2019

The Oceania Safari Rifle – Art That Packs a Wallop


Ryan Breeding of RB Big Bores has a 35-year pedigree as a respected rifle maker. That pedigree led him to be selected in 2017 to build the fourth of five rifles in the World Heritage Series that honored the world’s top safari destinations. Breeding’s 375 H&H bolt-action“Oceania” themed rifle was built to take down a Water Buffalo, Oceania’s largest game animal. Breeding designed the Oceania to be a unique piece that incorporated many themes unique to Oceania. The Oceania sold for six figures at auction at the 2018 Safari Club International Convention, in support of hunter’s rights and game management worldwide.

After many years of designing and producing rifles by hand, Breeding upped his rifle-making game in 2007 by working with the TechHelp New Product Development (NPD) Team at Boise State. The NPD Team introduced him to advanced design software and 3D printing tools that streamlined his production process. Working with the  NPD team gave Ryan the ability to create intricate curved surfaces and a smooth finish with no visible screw heads.  Though buyers love the stylish design and smooth feel of Breeding’s rifles, they also appreciate that they work!

“There is tremendous satisfaction entering the NPD Lab and seeing an idea that was in my mind take life and realize it’s going to work.”

– Ryan Breeding, Founder, Owner & Principal, RB Big Bores