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Kristin Dwyer

Student Graphic Designer


For as long as she can remember, Kristin has always loved anything to with art and creation. Many art credits were taken throughout her beginning school years, leading to a love of all mediums but no desire to be devoted to a single one. Kristin discovered graphic design in high school and was encouraged to pursue the field in college. 

Kristin loves the variety of projects and solutions graphic design provides. Nothing gets her more excited than a problem that needs to be solved! As a senior in Boise State’s graphic design program, Kristin is looking forward to her senior showcase and applying for design jobs.

In the future, Kristin hopes to become an art or creative director and maybe even live in Alaska or Canada. Kristin will most likely never retire, as she cannot think of any life without design.

“Working with TechHelp has been amazing! I have gained valuable experience working with Bill and his team. I feel my ideas are valued and I have more confidence in my abilities because of it.”

Kristin Dwyer



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