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Zachariah Vandeventer

Consumer Product Development Specialist – NPD Lab – Boise State COEN
Office Phone: (208) 426-5635



Zachariah joined the TechHelp New Product Development Team in November of 2019. He is looking forward to graduating in May of 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He intends on using the plethora of skills and knowledge from his position at TechHelp to launch his career.

Zachariah arrived at TechHelp with solid experience in both education and industry. During his academic career, he worked as a Peer Educator for Mechanics of Materials at Boise State where he worked alongside a Professor to help educate fellow engineering students and as a Lab Assistant helping incoming engineering students understand and apply engineering principles. Zachariah is captain of his senior design team which is currently designing and analyzing a collection of photovoltaic systems, including agrivoltaic, for the University of Nebraska Lincoln, as a finalist of the Solar District Cup Challenge hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Zachariah is also the technical lead of NASA’s Microgravity Undergraduate Research Team here at Boise State University. The team develops creative solutions to various challenges that NASA faces on specific missions. These solutions require special consideration due to the environment in which they will be operated, microgravity and lunar dust being two main concerns. He has been an active member of the Aerospace Club, the Student Advisory Board, and the goalkeeper of the Men’s Soccer Club during his time at university.

“As an unconventional student with considerable work experience, Zachariah offers a unique perspective at the New Product Development Lab. His humility and sense of humor are rivaled only by his magnificent beard.”

– Zachariah Vandeventer



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