From offices in Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello, TechHelp Specialists help Idaho manufacturers, food processors and entrepreneurs improve their competitiveness through continuous product and process innovation.


Are TechHelp new product development services free?

We charge hourly fees for our design services and have standard pricing for our prototyping services. We are happy to meet and discuss your project or prototyping needs free of charge.

Is my project a good fit for TechHelp new product development?

We have an open door policy, meaning we will meet with anyone ready to move forward with development. We do not have a minimum project size. We can help you decide if we are the right resource to help create your product.

I have an idea, how do I get started?

As you begin your conversation with us, you will want to find out everything you can about your industry and what makes your idea unique. It’s easy to start with an online search for similar products or to use a search engine like google patents. Once you’ve done a thorough job here, you should be ready to contact us. To help you get connected, we have an online intake form found here.

What does a typical project look like, and how much does it cost?

It can often take a lot of thought and effort to estimate the cost of a project. Our first step is to meet with you to discuss your idea and get an understanding of your background and development goals. If it is clear that you are ready, and your project is a good fit, we may produce a project scope outlining the work we would actually do -this may also include cost estimates and scheduling information. If the project moves forward, and after some back and forth to iron out details, once an agreement is reached on the scope and cost, we receive a down payment and the project begins.

Who owns my idea?

We do not make any claim to patent rights or ownership of your product. These rights remain strictly with our clients.