From offices in Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello, TechHelp Specialists help Idaho manufacturers, food processors and entrepreneurs improve their competitiveness through continuous product and process innovation.

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From university-based offices in Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello, TechHelp Specialists help Idaho manufacturers, food processors, and entrepreneurs produce products and improve their competitiveness through continuous product and process innovation.
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We work with innovative Idaho companies including DECKED of Ketchum, Idaho.

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In Our Client's Words

Al Youngwerth
Al Youngwerth
Founder of Rekluse & Versabuilt
"Without TechHelp, Rekluse would not exist"
Chris Rodgers
Chris Rodgers
Creator of Rapid Rope
“TechHelp was willing to work with me at my own pace on little pieces of the product at a time. It was great working with the entire NPD team, including the students and management. The whole process was awesome”
Calvin Allan
Calvin Allan
Engineering Director, DECKED
"As rapid prototyping continues to mature and services become a commodity, I continue to look for areas of differentiation. TechHelp’s small size and focus on client relationships sets them apart from the "Big Box" service providers. "
Charlotte Armstrong
Charlotte Armstrong
Owner, Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks
“TechHelp has been a wonderful asset to our business. With each meeting, new and different ideas come to the surface. Their guidance and direction have been invaluable.”
Mark Melni
Mark Melni
Inventor of Connector & Owner of Melni LLC
“I wonder what Tesla or Edison might have done with a resource like the TechHelp New Product Development Team. Without them, the Connector would still be just an idea in my head. ” – Mark Melni, Inventor,Melni LLC
Caleb Chung
Caleb Chung
Co Founder It's Alive Labs
"The TechHelp/NPD lab consistently goes beyond our expectations year after year. We have come to rely on their 3d printing and the engineering knowledge to support the continuing development of advanced materials and processes. This is a capital expense many small companies cannot make. Whatever is necessary to ensure the continuation and growth of this service has become a critical need for our success. Without them I don't know how we would have gotten off the ground."
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Some of Our Work With Manufacturers

TechHelp team members help Idaho’s most innovative entrepreneurs and manufacturers make productive investments in their plants, people, products, and processes. Our work helps Idaho companies generate sales, efficiency, quality, profits, and jobs. Listed below are some examples of our work with clients. 

Latest News and Information

Veteran’s Day 2023 – Thank You Veterans!

TechHelp, Idaho’s Manufacturing Extension Partner (MEP) thanks our veterans for their service to our nation. We are also thankful for those veterans who apply the skills, expertise, and ideas they developed in the service to their jobs and companies. Mike Atwood of Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) is one example of a Veteran who leaned on his service experience to create excellent night vision products with applications in the civilian world. As a former AH-64 Apache pilot, Mike founded ASU in 1995 and worked with government agencies to allow unrestricted NVG use among first responders and law enforcement agencies.

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Register Today for the 2023 IMA Manufacturing Trade Show – November 30 in Boise

Join TechHelp & studio\Blu at the 2023 Idaho Manufacturing Alliance Trade Show on Thursday, November 30 at the Boise Centre. This is the only event of its kind in Idaho! An estimated 300+ manufacturing executives, operations managers, first-line supervisors, purchasing managers, HR professionals, and more will attend from throughout Idaho and neighboring states! We hope to see you there.

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Innovation & Growth using the Theory of Constraints with Rami Goldratt

Rami Goldratt currently serves as CEO of Goldratt Group, the leading organization in Theory Of Constraints (TOC) implementations. Over the years, Rami has been involved in consulting engagements with retail manufacturers, engineering, automotive, textile, chemical, and service industries all around the world. Rami is highly regarded for developing the TOC applications to Sales and Marketing. His ground-breaking implementations in this area have become the standard of TOC in sales.

Goldratt Consulting (GC) was founded by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, the creator of the Theory Of Constraints and author of the best seller “The Goal”. With hundreds of seasoned consultants and operations in all major continents, GC paves the way for companies to immediately accelerate cash flow and profits while building the capabilities for exponential growth.

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Join Dr. Janna Hamlett for Online FSPCA and HACCP Food Safety Courses

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Janna Hamlett of TechHelp and the University of Idaho will deliver two crucial food safety courses this fall. Our FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Course (PCQI) will occur online on October 3-5, 2023. Janna will lead our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) course online on November 8.

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Dr. Janna Hamlett Article in Food Safety Magazine Has Tips to Overcome Supply Chain Challenges for Food Manufacturers

Supply chain constraints are not a new challenge in the food industry. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic created additional hardships, the food industry has always had to deal with difficulties in the supply chain. Food is a global market, and even the smallest food processor brings in food ingredients, packaging, and equipment from around the world. The food industry is not immune to environmental disasters or political unrest in the global environment. Since the food supply chain is very complex with multiple stakeholders, processors, brokers, and transportation involved, it is susceptible to turbulence and instability.

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Learn the Principles of Lean with Luke & Gene in Post Falls

Join experienced Lean practitioners Luke Fuess and Gene Hamacher for a 1/2 day overview that will cover the major principles of Lean Manufacturing. The main objective of Lean is to improve productivity, minimize waste (anything not of value to your customers), and create a culture of continuous improvement. Your company can grow and thrive by eliminating non-value-adding activities and concentrating on delivering value to customers.

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TechHelp – Out and About in Idaho During Spring of 2023

The TechHelp Team participated in a number of manufacturing related events during the spring of 2023. It was great to visit many parts of the great state of Idaho and to visit with manufacturers and colleagues. It is amazing to see how much great work is taking place across the state and the wealth of resources available to help manufacturers succeed.

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