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Food Manufacturing

BHS Specialty Chemicals

Nampa, ID

BHS Enters Food Grade Chemical Market

BHS Specialty Chemicals is a complete chemical manufacturer and distributor with full-service capabilities to meet the chemical requirements of the food industry. Established in 1998, BHS has grown to become a major member of the chemical supplier industry.


BHS began its journey to becoming a food-grade manufacturer in the fall of 2010 when Heather Edwards, right, arrived to focus on food safety standards. TechHelp, a member of the MEP National Network™, acted as a sounding board, mentor, and guide during the audit preparation process. Heather first built a strong food safety foundation by getting the entire BHS staff certified in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). She then determined the resources and plant modifications needed to earn an SQF certification. TechHelp provided an SQF workshop and outlined the SQF needs of BHS. Heather wrote the SQF plan and used TechHelp to edit the plan and identify and fix gaps. TechHelp then conducted a pre-audit inspection to prepare BHS for the real thing.


  • Earned a “Superior” score of 970 out of 1,000 on its AIB audit.
  • SQF and AIB certification helped BHS create confidence in its food-grade ingredients, differentiate itself in the market, and led to nearly $1M in new and retained sales.
  • Hired four new employees to manage food safety programs and new sales.
  • Invested $18K in SQF training, audit preparation, and the SQF audit itself.
  • Invested $7.5K in a new chemistry lab and alchemy software used for quality control and food safety testing.


TechHelp helped us meet our goal of becoming one of the few companies in our industry to be SQF 2000 Level II Certified.”

– Phil Johnson, Chairman & CEO BHS Specialty Chemicals