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Printcraft manages the constant change in the print & fulfillment industry by making productive investments in systems that speed workflow and improve accuracy and quality.

Printcraft Press

Idaho Falls, ID

Printcraft Press Rides ISO to Success

Printcraft Press is a printing, warehousing, and fulfillment center that delivers end-to-end solutions for printing, direct mail, labeling & packaging, warehousing & fulfillment, CD/DVD duplication & assembly.


Print customers sometimes face a difficult choice between price, quality, and delivery. Printcraft began to develop a profitable niche by producing, kitting, and shipping materials for the customers in the medical industry. Working under FDA scrutiny, these companies are keen on the quality aspects of ISO9001:2008 to keep its current customers and grow this niche. Printcraft eventually approached Dave O’Connell of TechHelp, a member of the MEP National Network™, and Idaho State University for help. Dave determined that the company might be eligible for Idaho Workforce Development Training Funds (WDTF) to assist with ISO training & certification.


  •     Printcraft not only passed its ISO Audit but was in the top 1% of comparable companies.
  •     ISO certification helped Printcraft generate new and retained sales of $400,000.
  •     Printcraft retained 40 employees and added 15 new employees.
  •     The company invested $25,000 in advanced workforce practices.
  •     Printcraft went from providing one kit for a medical supply firm to over 30 kits.
  •     Printcraft’s most recent annual ISO audit produced ZERO non-conformances.

“We thought we’d never be certified and had tried several different avenues that never came together for us. Dave O’Connell, from TechHelp, assessed our needs and helped our state funding, and lined up the resources we needed to prepare for and achieve our ISO Certification.  Dave was extremely helpful throughout the process and made this possible with his expert guidance and recommendations.”

– Jeanie Reimer, General Manager