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The KinExA®4000 delivers more functionality in a clean, modern package.

A Success by Any Measure
Sapidyne KinExA®4000

New Products & Markets
Sapidyne Boise, ID

Co-created by Steve Lackie and Tom Glass in 1992, Sapidyne Instruments manufactures and markets the patented Kinetic Exclusion Assay (KinExA®) instrument, that measures molecular binding interactions.  The KinExA® provides researchers with more accurate and timely data which lowers the time and cost of bringing new drugs to market and makes research and development more cost-effective. The KinExA is a proven tool recognized by the FDA and used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities, research labs, and federal entities such as the US Army, EPA, and USDA.


Over the years, Sapidyne made functional improvements to the original KinExA 3000 and subsequent models. Sapidyne worked with the TechHelp New Product Development Team (NPD), a member of the MEP National Network™, to create a modern design for the KinExA® 4000 that would incorporate features needed to ensure future success. The NPD Team helped conceptualize the new design of the case and identify the appropriate material for prototyping. 


  • TechHelp worked with Sapidyne to give the KinExA®4000 a modern aesthetic that met Sapidyne’s design vision.
  • TechHelp assisted in the development of a concept style compatible with a manufacturing process that met Sapidyne’s budget and production targets.
  • TechHelp industrial design and engineering skills helped Sapidyne produce a sophisticated and modern looking machine that reduces overall maintenance costs of the system.
  • Sapidyne realized $200K in new & retained sales and invested $100K in the new system.

We take advantage of TechHelp’s expertise and community connections. As a small company, it is very beneficial to have an organization like TechHelp to consult with during the R&D process.

– Brandon Hopkins, Director Sales & Marketing, Sapidyne