From offices in Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello, TechHelp Specialists help Idaho manufacturers, food processors and entrepreneurs improve their competitiveness through continuous product and process innovation.

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Advanced Food Safety Programs

FSMA Gap Analysis, HACCP, IFSC, Food Safety Program Development and Audits, Microbiological Testing, FSMA Certified Curriculums for Human and Animal Food, Foreign Suppliers, Product Safety, and Seafood.
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Product & Process Cost Savings

Ingredient Substitutions and Eliminations, Process and Yield Improvement, Operational Excellence, and Food Lean Operations.
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About Us

  • Need help creating a shelf life program?
  • Could you use a small consumer test to determine your product portfolio’s “critical to quality” attributes?
  • Could you use a little assistance in creating online training modules or setting up a “train the trainer” culture in your facility?
  • Do you have an operation where you’d like to increase your throughput or yield?
  • Is it time to bolster your food safety program?

Meet Our Dynamic Food Manufacturing Team  

TechHelp’s Idaho-based Food Manufacturing Team, led by Catherine Cantley and Janna Hamlett, includes university faculty, agricultural extension resources, and internationally recognized contracted partners. We bring a broad range of services to the food industry through site visits, needs assessments, on-site project work, on-site training, and public courses. TechHelp offers a wide range of services to help you grow revenues, improve productivity & performance, and strengthen your global competitiveness. Contact TechHelp today to schedule a free assessment.

Regulators, retailers, and industrial customers require food and dairy processors to adhere to stringent rules or global food safety standards that protect consumers. TechHelp offers a full suite of services and courses that help processors learn about, get certified in, and implement modern food safety standards that improve products, processes, and competitiveness. In 2018, TechHelp joined its sister MEP Centers in Washington and Montana to create a tri-state food safety partnership focused on sharing knowledge and resources. 

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Meet Our Dynamic  Food Manufacturing Team


Above, Food Manufacturing Specialists Catherine Cantley (R) and Janna Hamlett (L) of TechHelp and the University of Idaho stand ready to assist with your food processing needs.
An image of the TechHelp FME team.
Food Specialist, Catherine Cantley (2nd from left) of TechHelp & the University of Idaho accompanies MEP Food Specialists from Iowa & Georgia on a tour of the UI Food Technology Center in Nampa.

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