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  • Butter Bay Chapter V – Intellectual Property Considerations

    Put a U.S. Made Butter Bay on Your Kitchen Table Today!!  In Chapters One and Two of the Butter Bay story, we explored the launch of the Butter Bay and how inventor, Jerry Scarrow, came up with his idea.  In Chapter Three, we followed Jerry’s product design & development journey with the TechHelp New Product […]

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  • The Butter Bay  – Chapter I – LAUNCH!!

    Enjoy No Muss, No Fuss, Fresh, Spreadable Butter Congratulations to local inventor and “butterprenur”, Jerry Scarrow (R), for commercializing his idea for the Butter Bay – a better butter container. The Butter Bay is a new take on the centuries-old French crock method for storing and serving butter. Butter Bay keeps butter soft and spreadable anytime, without […]

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  • How A Chinese Finger Trap Connected Melni to Success

    Mark Melni of Melni Connectors

    Not all inventors go back 4,000 years to find stimulus for new ideas. But then, Mark Melni is not your run of the mill inventor. In addition to running Microchips Etc, a family electronics business for 20 years, Mark is a classically trained pianist who published the “Lost Arts” album with his son, Paul. This renaissance […]

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